Train with Me (5 sample days)

I’m full of it, or that’s what people who know me tell me. I’ll take that as a compliment because (I’m assuming) the context is in regards to training (gosh I hope so anyway!). I love to train and always manage to come up with a fun idea for my workouts. I guess that’s why … Continued

Your Training Questions

Question: Quick question about Challenge Complexes just for clarification purposes. I’m currently doing the DB complexes. So I pick one video and complete it to the fullest then I’m done. I’ve been dying to find a workout in under 30 minutes as I have a super busy schedule but now that I have it I’m … Continued

Jump Rope with a Giant?

Here’s my friend Dennis Heenan. It’s unlikely that we’ll be sharing shoes or pants ever. He’s one of the tallest dudes I know. I feel like a pixie next to him. This dude can really move surprisingly well with those long legs. We were in Vegas for a meeting of Fit Pros not too long … Continued

5 Miles or 5 Minutes?

Guest Post by Dennis Heenan Author: Super Hero Body There I was, out on another 5-mile run after finishing my weight lifting workout… This is what I needed to do in order to keep off the fat while trying to put on muscle, right?   Knees aching, back hurting, and shins splints setting in… I … Continued

Have a Dumb bell? Do This :)

A quickie. Sometimes you just gotta have one… I’m talking about a workout, of course. I know your time is tight but I know you still want to get in a workout. As you know, complexes are ‘da bomb’ for getting in a quick fat burning, muscle building workout in record time. Here’s a countdown … Continued

Cuz You Asked…

It’s only a few sleeps till Christmas….a big day with huge expectations…and some disappointments for many. Now, I’m the last person to be negative, but over the years, there’s something that I’ve learned about these sorts of things. I’d prefer to remind myself that Christmas (or any holiday for that matter) is just one day. … Continued

How to Build a Better Complex

A 1998 study in the International Journal of Sports  Nutrition had a group of participants do 45 minutes  of cardio per day, 5 days per week. They followed this protocol for 3 months. Get this: They lost NO more weight than those who dieted alone. Talk about a big waste of time. And how about … Continued

DB Challenge Complex

Muscle imbalances are a fact of life. No matter how much you work to overcome them, your body will be somewhat asymmetrical. The good news is that you can reduce the gap between the weak and dumb side to the strong and smart side of your body. Now one way that I like to deal … Continued

Challenge Complex Q n A

  Question: I am really interested in your new Challenge Complexes but I have a question first.  All I have is an EZ Bar that I bought three or four years ago.  Can I use the EZ Bar in place of a barbell?  I can’t really afford to go out and buy a bar – especially … Continued

Your Challenge Complex Report

There’s been a lot of buzz about Challenge Complexes this week and I’m pretty excited to share them with you. If you’ve been on my blog much lately, you may have noticed that I’ve posted about our frigid winter weather. I have to say that working on Challenge Complexes has saved my sanity. I’ve been … Continued

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