Menopause Belly?
Avoid These Three Triggers

Want a nice flat belly and sexy curve to your waist again?

You CAN when you avoid these three waist-thickening triggers...


3 Reasons You Want MORE Muscle

Muscle is the fountain of youth – in this video I go over three reasons why you want more of it. If you’d like a free body weight workout designed to help you lose your menopause belly while building a little lean muscle, here you go:

Healthy Eating

Always Eat the Same Food for Fat Loss?

Worried about eating the same thing daily? Studies show it can actually be beneficial for weight loss. So don’t fuss about ‘same old same old’ foods as long as you’re getting adequate protein & a little variety over time. If you’re frustrated with weight loss, here’s a short video on why your weight may be … Continued


3 ‘Must Have’s’ to Lose Fat

Fat loss is a simple concept once you grasp these three principles. Too often we get caught up in tiny details that don’t really matter. Just create a calorie deficit, find something sustainable & fill up on protein so that you maintain your muscle & don’t want to eat your fist! There are very different … Continued

Q and A

Weight Loss Is Like Waiting for Spring

Impatient with weight loss? Just like spring eventually follows winter. Trust science that weight loss will happen when you do the right things. There are things happening below the surface metabolically that aren’t visible right away. Consistency & persistence are important. Hang in there! You got this! Happy to help! Let’s talk here:

My Bikini Belly