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How to Prevent Osteoporosis in Menopause

Want to improve bone density in less than 1 minute a day? You can lose 20% of your bone density within 5-7 years of menopause but JUMPING 10-20 times twice daily can dramatically improve bone density. In fact, any kind of jumping can improve strength, body composition & bone health. Demonstrated examples in the video … Continued

Healthy Eating

Collagen in Menopause: Trend or Truth?

NOT an ad! Trend or truth? Should you use collagen? There’s no magic bullet for anti-aging or weight loss… But adding a collagen supplement can be beneficial according to this study: … Long term (3 months plus) use of 15g daily taken 1 hour prior to exercise can improve muscle recovery, joint pain and … Continued


Investment Tip for REAL Wealth in Menopause

There’s a whole lot more to being rich than having a full bank account. You can buy an expensive car. You can buy new shoes or entire designer wardrobe. You can go on lavish holidays. But do you know what REAL wealth is? What a REAL status symbol is as you age? great health pain … Continued

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Another Reason to Resistance Train in Menopause

Hot flashes? Well, if you need ANOTHER reason to resistance train, here it is… More lean muscle is shown to reduce hot flashes according to this study: How do you get more muscle? Resistance training! With declining estrogen levels in the menopause transition, both bone density and muscle mass declines. Resistance training offsets both … Continued