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Surprising Reasons Why My Metabolism Slowed Down

(Unrelated to Age or Menopause)

& What I Did To Boost It


Want to Lose Weight? Stop Doing So Much!

Hey, you’re doing too much! I want you to stop working out so hard! Say what? Yes, if you have lack lustre fat loss results, my suggestion is to stop trying so hard. I know that doesn’t seem to make sense, let me explain… It might be that your caloric intake is TOO low & … Continued

Healthy Eating

Intuitive Eating

Definition: Intuitive eating is an approach to eating developed to help people heal from the side effects of chronic dieting. An intuitive eater is someone who: • Makes food choices without experiencing guilt • Honors their hunger • Respects their fullness • Enjoys the pleasure of eating   10 Principles of intuitive eating: 1. Reject … Continued


This Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

Want the secret to permanently dropping that dress size? I’ve got it for you… This is important to know, especially if you’re battling with menopause hormones. Are you ready? –>There’s actually NO secret<– Wait, what? There’s no ONE secret to losing your menopause belly, magically dropping, keeping the weight off… Instead, it’s a series of … Continued

Q and A

What Does Insulin Have to Do with Menopausal Weight Gain?

Menopause gets a bad rap – we tend to blame everything on it when something else may really be in play. We can’t control estrogen/progestrone but we CAN control 2 other hormones. In this video, I want to discuss INSULIN and how you can use it to our advantage to control our weight. If insulin … Continued

My Bikini Belly