Menopause Belly?
Avoid These Three Triggers

Want a nice flat belly and sexy curve to your waist again?

You CAN when you avoid these three waist-thickening triggers...


Is Cardio the Best Fat Loss Exercise for Women 40+?

Should you do ‘cardio’ to burn fat? The short answer is ‘No!’. And here’s why: -Steady state cardio is one of the least effective fat burning methods -Time consuming -Increases lower body repetitive use injuries -Doesn’t address the core or upper body muscles -Boring (my bias!) -Causes frustrations when results don’t come . Instead of … Continued

Healthy Eating

What to Eat Before Exercise

Confused as to what to eat before exercise? Here are some guidelines. If you’d like more direction, grab my book ‘Lose Your Menopause Belly’ here


Tough Love Weight Loss Question

Stop being so hard on yourself… If you’re a healthy human with a little extra weight, focus on all the healthiness & not the extra weight. Your life won’t be DRAMATICALLY different a few pounds lighter. Yes, there can be an improvement, but if you’re miserable now, you may not be able to fully appreciate … Continued

Q and A

Case Study: Stephanie

“Participating in Shawna’s program was a life changing experience. “ @stephanieliner From my perspective, it was a great pleasure to work with Stephanie. She consistently showed up & was ready to learn. She threw away old ideas, for example, she (reluctantly) increased her calorie & carb intake & watched her weight go down. She slowly increased … Continued

My Bikini Belly