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How to Use Failure to Improve Your Health in Menopause

I just turned 60 but started Olympic weightlifting in my late 50’s. I had complete hip replacements (right hip at age 58 and left hip at age 59) and then returned to the sport. I’m working up to previous personal records for both the snatch and clean & jerk. Snatching is the hardest skill I’ve … Continued

Healthy Eating

Meal Planning Secret (Coaches Don’t Want You to Know!)

Your coach should make your life easier! (But some may feel threatened if you feel empowered to create your own recipes.) Remember your recipe will only be as good as the prompt you provide….So, be SPECIFIC with the nutritional info & calories you need in the recipe. If you need help with personalized nutrition specifics, … Continued


Where Did 61 Years Go?

Ever wonder where the years go? Presently, I couldn’t be happier with life, even though it turned out differently than I anticipated. If I were to offer any advice, it’s to ‘put on your own oxygen mask first’, self care is more important than you may give it credit. I’ve always prioritized my health and … Continued

Q and A

Another Reason to Resistance Train in Menopause

Hot flashes? Well, if you need ANOTHER reason to resistance train, here it is… More lean muscle is shown to reduce hot flashes according to this study: How do you get more muscle? Resistance training! With declining estrogen levels in the menopause transition, both bone density and muscle mass declines. Resistance training offsets both … Continued