Menopause Belly?
Avoid These Three Triggers

Want a nice flat belly and sexy curve to your waist again?

You CAN when you avoid these three waist-thickening triggers...


Get a Stronger Core in 3 Minutes

Get a stronger core in 3 minutes a day by doing 30 seconds to 1 minute of these simple moves: dead bug hollow hold bird dog on each side Think ‘all or something’ where fitness is concerned. If you don’t have time for a full workout, do your body a favor by doing just a … Continued

Healthy Eating

My Diet Mantra

Want to eat whatever you want & still meet your goals? You can. Even in menopause… You can’t eat with reckless abandon, but you CAN eat your favourite foods in moderation. When you stop the diet mentality of super low calorie eating & consistently apply solid nutrition principles, you get to eat LOTS. Results come … Continued


Tip to Stop Mindless Eating

Are you really hungry? Or are you eating out of habit? You can save yourself a lot of calories by putting some time between you & food. Set a timer for 5 minutes, decide if you’re bored or actually hungry. This will help curb mindless eating. Oh, and remember to eat slowly and stop eating … Continued

Q and A

3 Tips to Starting Something New

Starting something new for fitness? It can be scary (even for seasoned fitness veterans). Here are 3 tips to make it easier: 1. Check out the facility, find when it’s not busy & try to go during those times. 2. Go with a plan! 3. Do it scared, after the first few times, it will … Continued

My Bikini Belly