Menopause Belly?
Avoid These Three Triggers

Want a nice flat belly and sexy curve to your waist again?

You CAN when you avoid these three waist-thickening triggers...


Reason to Be Strong in Menopause?

Being functionally fit has it’s benefits! Need some help? Workout with me and my team here: Drop a comment if you’re up to moving furniture 😉

Healthy Eating

Low Calorie Ice Cream Alternative: ‘Nice Cream’

Want real ice cream? Have it! Remember, you can eat ANYTHING you want (in moderation). You don’t need to give up actual ice cream for this. But if you’re looking for a non-dairy alternative to help you stay in a calorie deficit, this is a pretty good stand in. This is a guilt-free sweet treat … Continued


Weight Loss Reality in Menopause

That inner voice is killing your results. It’s the reason you feel like giving up. It’s got unrealistic expectations. REALISTIC fat loss is ONE HALF POUND per week, but NOT EVERY WEEK. Know that weight loss is NEVER linear. Your weight will bounce around – check out other posts for other videos explaining all the … Continued

Q and A

Signs of Menopause

It’s not all bad! I mean not worrying about a period or unwanted pregnancy is a bonus of menopause, right? Here are the things you can do to offset the negatives you may be experiencing as estrogen declines: Eat a high protein, fiber rich diet. Resistance train 2-3 times a week. Keep a consistent sleep … Continued