How To Squat Without Hurting Your Knees

Fix My Knee Pain My good friend and injury expert, Rick Kaselj gives you tips on how to squat properly without injuring the knees. You can find out more about his Fix My Knee Pain program to help you with any knee pain you may have.

Q n A Feb 7

    Question: In trying to do the wall stick up, I am unable to get my arms/hands to touch the wall, let alone press against it.  Is this just plain old lack of flexibility?  Keep trying?  Is there something else to do to convince those arms and hands to lay flat against the wall? … Continued

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Want the wings but not the guilt? This is a recipe from my friend, Dani Woodrum. He’s got a ton of them that you’d never know are ‘healthy’. So if you need some ideas for ‘the big game’ or any other party, check out out his recipes like this one: AMAZING Super Bowl Buffalo Chicken … Continued

Why Push, Pull, Legs?

Recently, Client Wayne asked me what the merits of doing a split routine are. He wanted to know the benefits and why I happen to choose a ‘push/pull/legs’ split I talked about in this post. So settle in, you’ll find the rationale and several workout samples below. I’ve been a gym rat for years. In … Continued

Where Did My Boobs Go? (And more…)

Question: I have been dieting and exercising for my wedding in July and I feel great.  I have lost 7lbs but my measurements show that my upper body has lost inches (especially my breasts) but my legs have got bigger!! I already have a narrow face and I’m worried that my face and upper body … Continued

Super Bowl Sunday Friendly Snacks

Any football fans out there? At one point in my life I was married to a professional football player so I know about the excitement over the DAY OF ALL DAYS where football is concerned. It’s Super Bowl Sunday this weekend when the Broncos and Seahawks will do battle. Will you do battle with your … Continued

Ugly Workout You’ll Love

It got ugly. Yesterday I went to the gym and decided it was a pulling workout. I noticed the pull up bar free so I set up camp there. Side note: It’s unfathomable to me that a big box gym has only ONE pull up bar in the entire place. Well, that’s a lie, there’s … Continued

Best Ab Move – Arm Positions

Front Planks are a very common exercise that’s incorporated into health, fitness, performance and rehabilitation exercise programs. I recommend planks all the time. They can be done on the wall, the floor or on top of a piece of fitness equipment (like a stability ball). The front plank is an exercise for upper body stability, scapular stability, core stability, … Continued

Bodyweight RIST & FUW Challenge Part 2

Want another body weight workout? You’ll find a similar style workout to this one here. I call this ‘part 2’  because if you’re super fit, you could string the workout below with this workout together. These workouts are  ‘RIST & FUW’ type workouts. RIST – reps in specific time FUW – finish up with I … Continued

Bodyweight RIST & FUW Challenge Part 1

PLEASE SHARE this with anyone you know that still thinks that the answer to flat abs and a sexy physique is endless ‘cardio’. I’m so saddened when I go into any gym and see the sea of treadmills with people plodding away working towards the body of their dreams. (The body they want will only … Continued