#1 Myth about Lactic Acid training

Guest post by Kate Vidulich We’ve all felt the familiar burn that comes with the last few reps of a difficult set of exercises. That burning feeling is all thanks to lactic acid. There is a huge myth about “lactic acid training” that almost all women and men believe when trying to flatten their stomach, … Continued

Your Questions and Peanut Butter Cookies

  Question: I’m age 50 and quite lean. I’m looking to put on mass, will Challenge Complexes do the trick? Heidi Answer: I’ve maintained my muscle and strength doing complexes. To be honest, it’s difficult to promise that at age 50 (and being a woman) that you’ll put on ‘mass’. I actually won’t make that … Continued

Brownies (Even I’ll eat!)

My son Sam and I finished dinner and I asked him if he wanted a brownie. He saw me slice them up and put one on a plate for myself as well. He was suspect right away….”Alright Mom, what’s wrong with the brownies?” he said. He knows that typical brownies are loaded with white flour, … Continued

Another video workout + 10 Tips to Look Better Naked

New beginnings. There’s just something about a fresh start that’s motivating. There are actually 52 opportunities for a fresh start in 2014 if you think of every Monday as a chance to start fresh and ‘reset’ bad habits. If you didn’t jump on the New Year resolution band wagon, there’s plenty of time to think … Continued

House on Fire Burpee Workout

It was a regular night. I was in the kitchen burning dinner when my daughter Hannah arrived home to say that dinner smelled especially ‘different’. She asked me if we were having burnt plastic. No, that wasn’t on the menu.  In my efforts to create an edible meal, I hadn’t noticed that the house smelled … Continued

Miami Success Lesson

I’m in Miami with of 50+ of the best trainers around. We get together a few times a year to share how we help clients, what programs we work, what strategies and best practices get the best results. I was one of four that had opportunity to teach which was super fun. Here are a … Continued

MY Best Fat Loss Tips

I recently did a ‘Lunch and Learn’ at the University of Calgary.  The purpose of the talk was to debunk fitness myths and offer some healthy nutrition tips. I have an interesting video that you’ll find at the end of the post. If you don’t have time to read the post and want to just … Continued

Amazing Tricep and Ab Combination Exercise

Lots of you know my good friend and pancake aficionado, Mikey Whitfield.  As you may or many not know, Mike has lost 105 lbs, has managed to keep it off and even indulges regularly in his favorite meal (pancakes of course).  Mike has a fantastic finisher that will crush your abs here and the bonus … Continued

It’s Complex

Yep, it’s complex alright. A complex is defined as ‘a whole that consists a number of intricate parts, especially one with interconnected or mutually related parts’. Grabbing a barbell (or set of DB’s) and moving continuously through a movement pattern that flows from one movement to the next, well, that’s like poetry to me. Poetry … Continued

Train with Me (5 sample days)

I’m full of it, or that’s what people who know me tell me. I’ll take that as a compliment because (I’m assuming) the context is in regards to training (gosh I hope so anyway!). I love to train and always manage to come up with a fun idea for my workouts. I guess that’s why … Continued

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