Function is the Top Priority (Q n A)

Question: How do I start with Challenge Complexes? I’m pretty unfit, but the program looks different and like it’s a lot of fun. I hate cardio and I need a change. Debbie Answer: Debbie, I’m glad you’re taking on Challenge complexes. My best advice to you is to start with a broom stick for the … Continued

Habits For A Leaner, More Energetic Body

Guest Post by Andrew Beatty Author: Strength is Health Many people underestimate the importance of quality nutrition in aiding their recovery.  It’s important to note that all forms of training, regardless of how easy or hard damages your muscle cells.  You all know working out is important, but do you understand the importance of quality … Continued

Never Grow Old

This is Dr Dan Ritchie and me. We’re on the set in Lapeer, MI where we filmed all the videos for Functional Fitness. These videos were a little different for me to film. I was the ‘doer’ in each video instead of doing any of the coaching and I learned A LOT from both Dr. … Continued

Too Old? Never!

I want to dedicate this post to all those readers, those champions of fitness that are a little older. You know who you are. You email me regularly with your questions and stories of inspiration. Take Gerald for example. He’s 80, he’s recently started walking regularly, he gardens and he picked up Challenge Complexes.  He … Continued

My Typical Monday

SO many people ask me what my ‘secret’ is to being 50 and still having visible abs. I can tell you that I’m just like you. I’m not anything special. If anything, my genes are somewhat lacking. I have pasty blue skin and bad eyesight. However, I’ve worked with what I was given and made … Continued

#1 Myth about Lactic Acid training

Guest post by Kate Vidulich We’ve all felt the familiar burn that comes with the last few reps of a difficult set of exercises. That burning feeling is all thanks to lactic acid. There is a huge myth about “lactic acid training” that almost all women and men believe when trying to flatten their stomach, … Continued

Your Questions and Peanut Butter Cookies

  Question: I’m age 50 and quite lean. I’m looking to put on mass, will Challenge Complexes do the trick? Heidi Answer: I’ve maintained my muscle and strength doing complexes. To be honest, it’s difficult to promise that at age 50 (and being a woman) that you’ll put on ‘mass’. I actually won’t make that … Continued

Brownies (Even I’ll eat!)

My son Sam and I finished dinner and I asked him if he wanted a brownie. He saw me slice them up and put one on a plate for myself as well. He was suspect right away….”Alright Mom, what’s wrong with the brownies?” he said. He knows that typical brownies are loaded with white flour, … Continued

Another video workout + 10 Tips to Look Better Naked

New beginnings. There’s just something about a fresh start that’s motivating. There are actually 52 opportunities for a fresh start in 2014 if you think of every Monday as a chance to start fresh and ‘reset’ bad habits. If you didn’t jump on the New Year resolution band wagon, there’s plenty of time to think … Continued

House on Fire Burpee Workout

It was a regular night. I was in the kitchen burning dinner when my daughter Hannah arrived home to say that dinner smelled especially ‘different’. She asked me if we were having burnt plastic. No, that wasn’t on the menu.  In my efforts to create an edible meal, I hadn’t noticed that the house smelled … Continued

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