Knee Injury? Do These Exercises

  Injured? There’s almost always a work around to continue some kind of exercise. If you have a knee injury, focus on hip hinging exercises to continue to fire your lower body muscles without inflaming the knee. You may also train the uninjured side with single leg movements (like quad extensions, ham curls etc) to … Continued

Hate Traditional Cardio? Do This

Ditch traditional cardio & still get super fit with metabolic conditioning. Here’s a fun one that can be modified or intensified to suit your fitness level. 5-10 rounds for time: -8 pull ups OR Modify with: TRX rows or inverted rows or bent rows or DB rows -20 ft Handstand walk OR Modify with: 30 … Continued

Workout Motivation Trick

Stop waiting on motivation to workout. Just put on your clothes & get going. Motivation comes from ACTION. It’s okay if some days you just ‘go thru the motions’ of your workout. The only ‘bad’ workout is the one that never happened. If you need a little extra oomph, train with me here:

7 Tips to Bump Up Your Fitness

Little by little, a little becomes a lot. Baby steps. I’ve used these techniques to recover from hip replacement surgery in August of 2021. I’m back to doing all the things I love & at about 70% strength for hip related moves 5 months later. While making these small changes don’t seem like much, over … Continued

EMOM Strength Method

Want to get stronger? Who knew that doing one rep every minute would help? For example, if you can only do one pull up or push up, you’ll end up getting 10 by the end of this set. It’s called an EMOM – do 1-3 reps every minute on the minute for a specific amount … Continued

Blew Your Diet? Do This

Overeat? It’s okay. It’s happened before to all of us & we’ve lived to tell the tale. To offset extra calories from the day before, just reduce calories the following day by fasting thru your first meal. This should reduce your calories by about 30%, then just get back to your regular eating. You may … Continued

Partner Workout

I hated Alan there for a minute. Specifically the minute I was planking while he was working. That’s how this partner workout worked. It went like this: 5 rounds Partner A planks while partner B does: Sled push/pull (about 25 ft each way) 10 V-ups 3 strict-ish pull ups or chest to bar (or variation) … Continued

Too Tired to Workout? Solution

You can always find a reason to skip a workout. Me too! I felt too busy & too tired to workout this day, so I implemented the ’10 minute rule’. The deal is that you do 10 minutes of movement & then either give yourself permission to skip out or (more likely), finish the workout … Continued

Protein Packed Breakfast

Protein in the morning can be a game changer for weight loss. It fends off energy crashes. It helps feed your muscles… And the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism & the more calories you burn (even at rest). Here’s one of my fav breakfasts: 1 egg 50g Greek yogurt dash cinnamon 70g … Continued

Weight Loss is Like Baking a Cake…

You just can’t speed up a process meant to be slow. I’ve never really baked a cake, but if I did, I know that you can’t bake it faster than the recipe tells you to. It’s the same as weight loss. Happy to help provide direction & encourage patience along the way: