Breakfast Protein Muffins

Who’da thunk I’d be a recipe hacker! Cooking isn’t my best subject, but I have to say over time (60 years!), I have improved. I’m always on the look out for high protein options and this breakfast muffin is a good example. In fact, I put together a bonus high protein recipe book for my … Continued

No Motivation in Menopause? Try These Easy Strategies

Motivation can hit an all time low in menopause particularly. But you need to remember that motivation comes and goes, these three tips will help you keep moving towards your goals. Motivation follows ACTION, so you’ve got to get going, whether you feel like it or not. Mel Robbins, award winning author of ‘The Five … Continued

2nd Hip Replacement Update

No regrets! 4 months post op for my 2nd hip replacement & I couldn’t be happier with my progress. While I’m not entirely back to full loads, I’m moving pain free & making progress. As a 60 year old, I’m learning to manage expectations & be kind to myself in finding a ‘new normal’. With … Continued

Reason to Be Strong in Menopause?

Being functionally fit has it’s benefits! Need some help? Workout with me and my team here: Drop a comment if you’re up to moving furniture 😉

A Little Push – Especially in Menopause

So I did a thing… I wasn’t ready, but who is ever ready to do something scary? As you may know by now, I had my left hip replaced in February of this year (and my right hip replaced the previous year). I’ve been working my way back to full functionality, including getting in the … Continued

Low Calorie Ice Cream Alternative: ‘Nice Cream’

Want real ice cream? Have it! Remember, you can eat ANYTHING you want (in moderation). You don’t need to give up actual ice cream for this. But if you’re looking for a non-dairy alternative to help you stay in a calorie deficit, this is a pretty good stand in. This is a guilt-free sweet treat … Continued

Menopause & Metabolism

Want to start a fight? Tell a menopausal woman that her metabolism hasn’t changed. Fact is, the 2021 Herman Pontzer study showed that metabolism doesn’t change until age 60. Pontzer, Herman, et al. “Daily energy expenditure through the human life course.” Science 373.6556 (2021): 808-812. But, it’s undeniable that many women experience weight gain & increased belly … Continued

Menopause: Your Defining Decade

This may be something you’d prefer not to think about… But I think it’s important to be intentional now while we have choices. If you choose NOT to move your body, there will come a time when you can’t. Think about the older people in your life that are fit and active. Do you think … Continued

Weight Loss Reality in Menopause

That inner voice is killing your results. It’s the reason you feel like giving up. It’s got unrealistic expectations. REALISTIC fat loss is ONE HALF POUND per week, but NOT EVERY WEEK. Know that weight loss is NEVER linear. Your weight will bounce around – check out other posts for other videos explaining all the … Continued

Weight Out of Control? Do THIS

Gaining weight? Hard truth: You’re probably eating more than you think. You may never know unless you pay attention to what you’re eating. Start by food logging – the happy coincidence of this is that food quality will likely naturally improve. Increase protein to 1g per pound of desired body weight & fiber to 25g … Continued