Stop Slashing Calories to Lose Weight in Menopause

Continually lowering calories to lose weight gets to the point of diminishing returns. The problem with low calorie diets for starters is that they are unsustainable long term, then, if or when you’re successful at weight loss, the challenge is maintaining that loss. Although it’s true that fat loss requires a calorie deficit, there are … Continued

How to Do the Bulgarian Split Squat

Not sure how to set up for a Bulgarian split squat? Remember, it’s the same set up whether you elevate your back foot or place it on the floor. Here’s the progression: Start with bodyweight with back foot on the floor to establish balance and range of motion. Then elevate the back foot and do … Continued

How to Avoid Frozen Shoulder in Menopause

If your shoulders are stiff and sore, you may be experiencing the onset of ‘frozen shoulder’… Menopause and hormonal imbalances can be a contributing factor. Regular exercise, frequent breaks in between activities and healthy lifestyle habits can save you from this condition. Include the stretches & rotator cuff strengthening moves from the video: Pendulum stretch (pot … Continued

Tip to Get Better Training Results – Even in Menopause

Stop wasting time wondering if you’re making progress, simply measure it. Don’t rely on your memory, write down your workouts. This allows you to compare your progress over time and it holds your feet to the fire for each workout to improve. You can expect a SLIGHT increase in performance with NEW skills (like Olympic … Continued

Menopausal Weight Gain? Good News…

Menopausal weight gain is a b!tch. It’s one more of the MANY symptoms of aging. But weight gain can’t all be blamed on decreasing estrogen that comes with menopause. The good news is there are three things you can do TODAY to turn things around. 1.Without resistance training, you’re trading lean mass (muscle) for fat … Continued

Protein Prep in 5 Minutes

You know how important protein is (I hope), but food prepping can be a hassle. Any chance you could protein meal prep in about 5 minutes? Yup. Thanks to a rotisserie chicken (store bought is fine!) and a ziplock bag. I was skeptical, but it really worked for me. The meat literally fell off the … Continued

How to Get a Smaller Waist (Even in Menopause)

Is your belly getting bigger despite the exercise you’re doing? Gah! So frustrating! You’re not actually gaining MORE fat, it’s just that it goes there first as estrogen declines – I know this isn’t very comforting news though… You need to know that exercise is not the VEHICLE to fat loss. Nutrition & consistent healthy … Continued

What to Do When You Don’t Want to Workout

Don’t feel like working out? Me neither (some days). Instead, I’ll choose to move a little with… Simple mobility… A walk… Or a movement snack… What’s a movement snack you ask? These are short ‘do anywhere’ mini-workouts for those busy days… I’ve got six of them for you here: You’ll usually feel more energized … Continued

Taking on Too Much In Menopause?

If you fall apart, so does everything else… You need to prioritize YOU. Here are 7 ways: 1. Recognize your needs: What makes you feel refreshed, relaxed, & fulfilled? 2. Set boundaries: Learn to say NO to protect your time & energy. 3. Schedule self-care: Treat self-care as a non-negotiable part of your routine. 4. … Continued

Exercising with NO Weight Loss in Menopause?

Exercise is for fun & function. Exercise is to maintain & build muscle & bone density, a bonus is calorie burning and some initial weight loss for beginners. Paying attention to nutrition (stress, sleep, NEAT) are for weight loss. Don’t assume your exercise ‘isn’t working’ because the scale isn’t moving. Exercise is probably doing what … Continued