About Shawna

You’re probably looking for all kinds of credentials on this page right?

Well, I have degrees, diplomas (B.Ed., B. Kin., Early Childhood Dip) and too many certifications to mention – although I will mention the Master Turbulence Training certification because I liked that one the best.

More importantly, I’m a student of life, continuously learning and re-inventing myself.

I was a schoolteacher for 20 years and I absolutely loved teaching.

Until I didn’t. Even though I knew I was my students’ favorite teacher. (I’m not bragging, I’m just saying that when you have a passion for something it shows.)

When I felt that I had reached my expiration date as a traditional schoolteacher and that my students deserved more than what I could offer, I decided to move into a teaching position that I was more passionate about.

I re-invented myself as a business owner of a small group personal training studio.I soon realized I couldn’t help enough people in the small setting I had created for

myself, so I started again with a fitness boot camp. I wanted to expand my reach so I could help those that couldn’t train in person with me, so I ventured into the online world.

And here I am.

You can check the ‘courses’ tab to see that I have lots to offer you.

Along the way, I’ve had lots of fun opportunities, like being the fitness expert on Spike TV’s ‘Gym Rescue’ and speaking at big events like Fitness Business Summit, the Functional Aging Summit and more. I’ve written for a number of publications and blogs through the years as well.

I helped create the curriculum and run the Fit Body Boot Camp University. I’ve had lots of experience training trainers how to train their clients effectively.

On an ongoing basis, I continue to help other business owners with their fitness boot camps and their online programs. Ultimately, I feel like when I help other fit pros help their clients, I’ve had a hand in their client’s transformations too.

To be completely honest, some might say I’m a bit of a ‘workaholic’ but I have no idea what they’re talking about. I feel like most times, I’m never working, I’m just doing what I was born to do.

When you have passion, energy, enthusiasm and creativity just follow.

I love helping others reach their healthy potential. This fitness gig is more than just a ‘job’ for me, it’s my life’s calling.

I live a drama free life in Calgary. AB. I have two amazing children that are now young adults, (I joke that I don’t know how they got so old without my aging a day)…the gift of being their Mom is one I take seriously and will be forever grateful for.

And of course, you’ll see ‘Sev the Wonder Dog’ with me whenever possible. He’s my one-eyed rescue who actually rescued me.

Hope you enjoy my site, thank you for visiting, let me know how I can help you!