Tired of Meal Prepping?

Meal prep can be exhausting, especially when you’re making something for your ‘diet’ and something else for the family.

Just stop.

There’s no need to survive on strictly ‘diet food’ that no one, including you likes.

A healthy ‘diet’ includes ALL things, even ‘treats’ (in moderation).

When you assign foods with ‘good’ & ‘bad’ labels, you’re more likely to crave & binge them.

Let me teach you how you can eat what you want and still reach your goals (even in menopause).

I have a series of short video presentations (3-5 min) where I teach you the ‘basics’ of nutrition so you’ll be able to make informed choices that support your health. The overall goal is improved health which leads to improved body weight metrics.

You don’t need to eat differently than your loved ones – because they’re eating healthy food too, right?

If you need some support with your nutrition, my online community will help! Start with my Nutrition Academy: https://shawnak.securechkout.com/nutrition-academy and from there we can discuss ways to join my super affordable one on one or group coaching programs.