Best-Worst Ab Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

You may be surprised to know that ‘ab exercises’ won’t get you the flat belly you desire. The good news is the exercises that DO give you a flat belly are done easily at home with no equipment. Here’s a fun follow along video sample:

Why Women Should Weight Train (Part 1)

Muscle is the fountain of youth. As we age, we need to hold onto as much of it and even add more of it to our frame. If you’re looking for a program geared specifically for women 40+ to help with muscle gain AND to lose your menopause belly, here you go:

How to Eat LESS & Enjoy Food MORE

Do you multi-task? I’m guilty of this! I’m finding that when I’m more present when eating, I enjoy my food more & even eat less. Would you be willing to try this? Stop multi-tasking & pay more attention to what you’re eating, I promise it will increase your enjoyment! Oh, and read this for more … Continued

My Story

I love working with women 40+ I wasn’t always a health coach – this video sums up how I became one. Happy to chat with you about your health issues here:

Easy Mantra To Maintain Weight

Here’s my favourite nutrition mantra that’s worked for me for 57 years to help me maintain my weight since high school. Never starving – Never stuffed When we get too hungry, we tend to make less quality food choices & may eat too quickly. It takes about 20 min for our belly to tell our … Continued

Work With Me

There are 3 ways you can work with me… 1. Join me either in facility or online at my fitness boot camp: Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp. 2. Train with me through group coaching. 3. Train one on one with me. *Coaching focuses on accountability & habit changes that will get sustainable results. Let’s … Continued

Weight Loss Complaint Hot Line

Are you frustrated with your weight loss? Or lack there of? You’re not alone! If you’ve tried everything like so many women 40+, maybe it’s time to try something sensible & sustainable. No, this doesn’t sound sexy at all, but it works. The only thing you need to do to lose weight is be in … Continued

3 Benefits of Food Tracking

You food track to connect the dots between intake & results. It doesn’t sound fun or sexy, but it sure works for me & my clients. Have you ever? Want more accountability? Let’s see if we’d be a good fit to work together:

Weight Loss Is Like Waiting for Spring

Impatient with weight loss? Just like spring eventually follows winter. Trust science that weight loss will happen when you do the right things. There are things happening below the surface metabolically that aren’t visible right away. Consistency & persistence are important. Hang in there! You got this! Happy to help! Let’s talk here:

Don’t Get Fat by Making the Mistake That I Did!

Learn from my mistakes! I cut carbs in an effort to get leaner and it actually backfired and I got fatter. The good news is that you can eat carbs and still get leaner when you do it right. My strong suggestion is to start to track your food using the free app: MyFitnessPal. There … Continued