Programming Fat Loss  From the Neck Up…

Want a different approach to fat loss? Albert Einstein said: Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is NOT philosophy, it’s physics.  It’s important then to up level our thinking. To be healthy, it’s more than … Continued

Gazebo Bodyweight Workout

Quick body weight workout anyone? I always take my jump rope with me for an impromptu bodyweight workout. This one occurred in the gazebo with a Mama Robin keeping watch. She had a nest full of eggs just to my right (you’ll see it at the end of the video). I wanted to get in … Continued

How Much Water?

Question about water 💦 ➡ Take your bodyweight, divide it in half and add 15 = # of ounces you should have daily ❌Symptoms of dehydration: -low urine quantity and deep yellow color -thirsty -tension headaches or migraines -being tired or sleepy -dry mouth -flaky or dry skin/kips -feeling dizzy -difficulty remembering simple facts -anxiety -tension … Continued

Alcohol and Fat Loss

What you need to know…with Coach Perri Stevens Is Alcohol truly bad for you? What are the effects of alcohol on metabolism? How much alcohol can you drink without any major effects? Some facts: ✅ Alcohol raises estrogen which can lead to an increase risk of breast cancer and fat storage ✅ 1 drink = 30g sugar ✅ The … Continued

Do I Need Support Group or Coach?

Want to fast track your results? Would a support group or a coach be more helpful? What’s the difference? I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this since I’m not longer providing the opportunity for you to get my programs without some level of support. The reason I’m doing this is because I realize … Continued

Success Story – Sharon Craik

💥I wanted to celebrate our newest Client of the Month at Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp – Sharon Craik 💥 Sharon is a bright and shining star, such an amazing woman who inspires us to work as hard as she does and makes us smile everyday! 💙 Here’s her story: My name is Sharon and … Continued

#1 Excuse to Avoid Change

    I’m not ready…change is not convenient, I have no idea how it will work out….maybe tomorrow…   Our old self always wants to DELAY when part of us wants to shake things up.   Don’t fall for it.   Guess what? You’ll never feel entirely ready to make a change.   Do what … Continued

Birthday Butterfly Pull Up Challenge

I just turned 55 (OMGosh, how did I get so old?)… Last year I decided to do 54 pull ups and my goal was to beat 5 minutes. This year, I thought I’d try to beat my time from last year, 55 pull ups in under 5 minutes. Looking at the video, I see the … Continued

Simple Fat Loss Strategy

Are you at your wits end where your health is concerned? I know that many get discouraged by setbacks in your health journey. Illness strikes, bad weather hits, house renovations disrupt your life, the gym closes, the basement floods, company arrives and never leaves…on and on… There’s no shortage of things that can get in … Continued

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