Stop Dieting

Forget the ‘get skinny quick’ schemes. Fast weight loss leads to fast weight gain. Sustainable FAT loss takes time. When you’re ready to lose the fat for good (even in menopause) & enjoy the process along the way… I’m here for you Enroll in my Nutrition Academy to start working together OR let’s talk here: … Continued

Need Protein Ideas?

Protein is the SUPER HERO of fat loss. It keeps you feeling fuller longer, supports workout recovery and helps build lean muscle tissue. Here are 24 ways to get 25g of protein in daily:  

Kitchen Gadget to Cure Mindless Eating

Want a cool kitchen gadget that helps with weight loss? A simple plate or bowl can be the answer to mindless eating. If you make a deal with yourself to put everything you eat on a plate… Instead of mindless nibbling or eating out of a bag, box… You’ll reduce all those extra calories you … Continued

What’s Wrong with Filters?

How do you feel about filters? Admittedly, I usually use IG’s ‘subtle’ filter to smooth out my skin (it’s nice not to have to wear make up with this one). I think they can make you feel even more insecure about appearance. Why would I not instantly want a contoured face, perfect skin & luscious … Continued

Why Am I Gaining Weight?

Don’t be discouraged if weight doesn’t fall off when you start resistance training. Even if you’re in a calorie deficit, it may take your body a bit of time to adjust and actually lose weight on the scale. Progress is when your weight goes up slightly or STAYS THE SAME at first because it’s NORMAL … Continued

Reason You Can’t Lose Weight (NOT Menopause!)

Menopause gets blamed for a slower metabolism and mid-life weight gain. But, a 2021 study (Herman Pontzer et al. Science) showed that metabolism holds steady until the age of 60. Yes, menopause can cause challenges, but yo-yo dieting can cause metabolic slow down more than menopause. When you overly restrict calories so that you’re starving, … Continued

These Two Habits Are Killing Your Sleep

These two habits are killing your sleep! One – your light exposure is backwards. You need lots of light in the morning to set your body clock. Instead, you’re getting more light close to bed from TV & devices. Two – you have irregular sleep habits. You confuse your body by staying up late & … Continued

Reason for Exercise

Exercise isn’t to burn calories. It’s so you can do all the fun things in life. Whatever that is for you. A daily habit of movement ensures you’ll be able to do more. Period. For me, this was another memorable day in the beautiful mountains with the best of people. If you need some support … Continued

Muscles Sore From Your Workout?

These things factor into HOW sore your muscles will be from exercise: -Genetics – some people are more pre-disposed to soreness than others -Training experience – you’re often less sore the longer you’ve trained -Training adaptation – trying something new often results in more soreness -Recovery – hydration/fuel/sleep can all affect soreness Muscle soreness is … Continued