When You Start Something New…

You have to be bad at new things before you get better. Especially making health improvements. What seems should be so simple is actually embarrassingly difficult. New skills & habits take time to master. Give yourself grace and get support along the way, let’s talk: https://tinyurl.com/talktoshawna Oh, have you tried Pickle Ball? Alan surprised me … Continued

Get a Stronger Core in 3 Minutes

Get a stronger core in 3 minutes a day by doing 30 seconds to 1 minute of these simple moves: dead bug hollow hold bird dog on each side Think ‘all or something’ where fitness is concerned. If you don’t have time for a full workout, do your body a favor by doing just a … Continued

My Diet Mantra

Want to eat whatever you want & still meet your goals? You can. Even in menopause… You can’t eat with reckless abandon, but you CAN eat your favourite foods in moderation. When you stop the diet mentality of super low calorie eating & consistently apply solid nutrition principles, you get to eat LOTS. Results come … Continued

3 Things You Need to Know About Your Menopause Belly

These facts apply to every woman going through menopause… 1. Everyone has belly fat. In fact some belly fat is healthy & normal. 2. Fat distribution is genetic. Some people hold more fat in their belly region. 3. You can’t sit up your way to belly fat loss, you can strengthen the muscles but losing … Continued

Unusual Way to Get a Smaller Waist

Want a smaller waist? Build a bigger back. Building your back muscles will not only keep you functional and injury free… It will make your waist look smaller by comparison. It’s easy to overlook back training simply because we don’t ‘see’ our back when we look in the mirror. DB rows and any kind of … Continued

How to Get Your Core Muscles Working

Have you had abdominal trauma or surgery? If so, your core muscles may not even be firing & you need to ‘turn them back on’. Here’s how: •press your back into the floor •find your hip bones & move inward slightly •cough •feel the muscles tighten Now try to keep that muscle tight. Lift one … Continued

My (2nd) Umbilical Hernia Surgery Experience…

Umbilical hernia surgery glam shots! No, this isn’t one of the more flattering moments of my life, but I’m happy to share with the hope that if you have questions, I can help. Let’s get to the ‘pro tip’ that will help you no matter what medical issue you’re dealing with… Pro tip: Speak up … Continued

Forget the Money

Money without health is meaningless. Spend what little time you have protecting the thing that will give you more time. Have you considered the cost of NOT investing in your health? Let me help you be the healthiest version of YOU, no matter what your age. It’s never too late to start. Let’s talk: https://tinyurl.com/talktoshawna

Hot Sore Feet? Grab a Cold Beer

Grab a cold beer for your hot, sore feet. Sorry, you don’t drink it! Use the cold beer as you would a ball stretch in the arch of your foot. Your feet play a vital role in regulating body temperature. They have a large surface area with lots of blood vessels that open up to … Continued

Lower Back Pain? Do This…

Your lower back pain could be from a weak core. The ‘hollow hold’ is one of the safest core strengthening moves anyone can do. Make sure you press your lower back into the floor. If you can’t keep your back touching the floor, bend your arms and legs and work up to extending them. Work … Continued