Avoid Looking Like This

No one wants to look like a melted candle as you lose weight. You can avoid feeling soft & squishy by doing resistance training as you lose fat. This will help build lean muscle to give you sexy shape. Keep in mind that if you lose a TON of weight, you may have some excess … Continued

Another Diet Fail?

Sick of diets that fail? Ready to stop the diet cycle? Look, YOU didn’t fail, the diet did. Probably because the diet was unsustainable & didn’t built the necessary habits to maintain weight loss in the first place. My solution is to STOP dieting & start eating the foods you love using healthy habits & … Continued

Is Menopausal Weight Gain Inevitable?

Just because weight gain is common in menopause doesn’t mean it will happen. There are plenty of things you can do to offset menopausal weight gain. AND, if weight has crept up, you CAN lose it, despite what the mainstream suggests. Is it a challenge? Yup… But weight loss at any age can be a … Continued

Emotional Eater?

Are you eating your emotions? Do you even know how to tell? Ask yourself: Am I HUNGRY? (Then EAT!) Am I ANGRY? Am I LONELY? Am I TIRED? Am I STRESSED? If you’re anything but hungry, find another way to deal with the feelings. Making a list of options other than eating when you’re feeling … Continued

World News Got You Down?

World news has been especially bad lately. Like we need WWlll after a global pandemic. It all can be overwhelming & make your nutrition & fitness efforts feel futile. Like why even bother?? But don’t give up. In addition to other health benefits, exercise is a natural mood enhancer, that’s reason enough to get off … Continued

No Butter-Butter Chicken Recipe

If you’re not a whiz in the kitchen (like me), you can still make this delish ‘No Butter – Butter Chicken’. Here’s the recipe: Ingredients 6 thighs – trimmed & chopped Curry powder – 1 tbsp Fresh garlic -3-4 cloves chopped Chili powder – 1/2 tbsp Cayenne – 1/2 tsp Coriander -1 tbsp Cumin -1/2 … Continued

Try THIS If You Hate the Scale

Try this if you hate the scale! Use a measuring tape, if you want to assess weight loss progress without the scale. This works especially well if you’re also resistance training. You may be gaining a bit of muscle & losing a bit of fat so your weight seems to stay the same. But ‘body … Continued

Have You Tried a Wall Walk?

Looking for a challenge? Wall walks are it! Nothing but your bodyweight & a wall are required. You’ll strengthen your shoulders, triceps & even your abs. Have you tried wall walks?

Wrist Pain? Solution

Don’t let sore wrists stop you from doing push ups & planks! You can neutralize the position of the wrist by using hex dumb bells. This should help reduce or completely eliminate wrist pain. Happy planking!

Tip for Better Squats

Here’s a simple tip to improve your squat. You want to load the legs, not your lower back. Your head controls your spine, when you drop your chin, your chest also can drop. So focus your vision where the wall & ceiling meet, this will keep the chin & chest up. This works whether you’re … Continued