How Many Calories?

This formula is a ballpark estimate for figuring your maintenance calories & deficit calories suitable for sustainable weight loss. There’s a lot more to it than just finding body weight & multiplying from there… But, it’s a start. And with this formula, you’re less likely to reduce calories ridiculously low, like below 1000 calories/day. Another … Continued

My Preventive Skin Cancer Treatment Experience

Photodynamic therapy is a preventive treatment that kills precancerous cells. I had melanoma cells removed from my face & chest. This was my third round of photodynamic therapy, my reaction this time was very mild. The skin sun damage was done before sunscreen was really ‘a thing’. But we know better now. I apply sunscreen … Continued

3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Here are 3 reasons why you may not be losing weight & what you can do about it. Remember, you can’t be in a calorie deficit long term! At some point you need to give your metabolism a break so you can save your sanity & your metabolism! Increasing calories can be especially terrifying! I’m … Continued

No Energy?

You’re tired. Some days you feel more energized than others. Just show up for your workout anyways! Do you feel MORE energy from your workout? Want me to hold you accountable to your workouts? Oh, and also provide weekly LIVE workouts & over 200 On-Demand workouts? Join me here:

How to Plan Your Weekend Nutrition

Weekend plans? Here are some tips to help you make your nutrition count. Need more support? Enrol in my Nutrition Academy here:

Back Pain? Do This

Your back pain may be caused by weak abdominal muscles, specifically the transverse abdominis. The TA (transverse abdominis) is the deepest muscle layer of your core. Its main roles are to stabilize the trunk and maintain internal abdominal pressure. When your TA is weak, it’s unable to do its job of stabilizing the pelvis and … Continued

Brilliant Weight Loss Idea

‘Thin’ doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Weight loss can be achieved but at the cost of overall health. You may solve one problem and create another in the process. Current diet culture puts the focus on aesthetics. Strength, functionality & health are sadly overlooked. Focus on health FIRST, the weight will take care of itself. Let … Continued

Best Menopause Supplement?

Want a magic pill, powder or potion to deal with menopause symptoms & weight gain? (I’m not talking about MHT (menopausal hormone therapy) which can be very effective – talk to your doctor!) Unfortunately, clever marketers have latched onto menopause as the new cash cow for ineffective supplements. You’re better off changing your habits but … Continued

Is It Menopause?

Is it menopause? Think you’re too young? Here are some of the symptoms to watch out for: anxiety brain fog forgetfulness headaches dry vagina low libido night sweats hot flashes sore joints muscle soreness weight gain around the middle bloating PMS worsening and more… Rule out other health issues, specifically insulin resistance and thyroid issues… … Continued

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Want easier time managing your menopausal symptoms? The pass the protein please! Protein supports lean muscle and lean muscle fuels your metabolic fire. With lean muscle, you will: -have more functional strength -be less prone to injury -gain your calorie burning ability (because muscle is metabolically active) If you want to remain lean & strong, … Continued