Are My Abs Even Working??

If you feel like you’re doing everything right, you’re exercising, doing ‘ab moves’ and NOTHING is happening to your belly, you might just not be contracting your belly at all… If you’ve had any abdominal surgery or trauma, your ‘transverse abdominus’ may not be firing. This is one of the four abdominal muscles and it’s … Continued

Motivation is NOT Enough

Don’t blame yourself for losing motivation.   Motivation is over rated and it’s not even close to enough to helping you reach any goal you set for yourself.   Motivation is NOT the problem.   Let me clear something up before we start talking about motivation, or you lack there of…   Where health is … Continued

No Excuses – Do Anywhere Workout

Here’s a sample of a 5 exercises that you can ‘do anywhere’. Exercises: Jump rope (double unders or single skips) DB snatch Toes to bar Push up Pistol squat (or bodyweight squat) No jump rope? Do squat jumps. No DB? Do a burpee. No pull up bar? Do a hollow rock or spider crawl. Pistol … Continued

How to Choose a Coach

If you’re looking for a coach, you need to do a little homework. Here are a few tips: 1. Does the coach ‘walk their walk’? Are they a healthy example? 2. Is there any social proof that the coach has helped others like you? 3. Make sure to check them out on social media, YouTube, … Continued

Are You Action or Entertainment Driven?

It’s easy to get caught up watching TV, You Tube videos or hanging out on social media instead of taking action to improve you health. Even if you’re investigating the latest information on health or fitness – you burn zero calories by watching. Instead of being an information gatherer, be an action taker. Apply the … Continued

Killer Strategy to Stay Motivated

Don’t let the number on the bathroom scale derail you. The scale isn’t the only, or even the best way to measure your progress. If you’ve been on your game with your nutrition, workouts, sleep and stress management, then know that NO MATTER what the scale says, know that you’re making gains. Sometimes it takes … Continued

What’s the Big Deal with Water?

You’d be surprised at how a simple ‘hack’ like drinking more water can have amazing health benefits. The body is a remarkable piece of machinery. When water intake is low, our body will turn into survival mode and begin to hold onto all the available water present in the body. This survival action can cause an … Continued

YES you CAN!

Yes you CAN! Don’t let anyone tell you that you CAN’T do something – particularly where your health is concerned. You can do ANYTHING you want when you put your mind to it. Weight loss, even when you’re over 40 IS possible. It’s important for you to change your mindset towards this. When you have … Continued

Be Persistent

It’s important to pursue your health goals as if your life depended on it because your life actually DOES depend on it! I had a family of squirrels wintering on my front deck and I sadly had to evict them. It was fascinating to watch as they stole the pillow stuffing that they were using … Continued

10 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Not much time to workout? No problem. Even if you only have 10 minutes, this is an ideal full body workout. This seems like a simple enough workout, but trust me, you’ll get a sweat on with a quickness. All you need is your body weight, a timer and a jump rope (or swap in … Continued

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