Got 15 Minutes? Do This Workout

Sure, you’re busy, but if you really want to get a full body workout in, you can do it in as little as 15 minutes. Give this workout a try! And, if you want to train with me & my team, join us here:

No Time to Workout? Easy Solution

Think: ‘All or Something’ where exercise is concerned. In a pinch, you can maintain your strength by doing a few sets of various bodyweight moves here & there through out your day. While this isn’t the ideal long term strategy, it’s better than doing nothing! And if you’re looking for a great at home option, … Continued

My Fav Shoulder Exercises

Want nice arms? It all starts at the shoulder… Get a nice shape to your shoulder & your arms will look amazing! Although, I like to do ‘fun’ movements like handstand pushups, handstand walking, jerks, thrusters etc, it’s always great to round them out with some dedicated shoulder moves. Here are my fav exercises in … Continued

10 Minute Quick Workout

Who says you need hours in the gym to have a workout? This little 10 minute quad burner can be done at home or at the gym. All you need is a box, bench or stool of some sort & a wall. Set your timer for 10 minutes. Do 10 per leg step ups (or … Continued

The ‘Best Diet’ for Women 40+

The ‘best’ diet is something sustainable with NO foods off limits and a move towards intuitive eating. Food logging is needed to become an intuitive eater so you can connect the dots between what you’re eating, how you’re feeling and the results you’re getting. I like to work with what a client is currently eating … Continued

Do You Really Need That Supplement?

Can you really trust the health professional that provides the diagnosis AND sells you the solution? Who really benefits from that? Consider a second opinion before shelling out loads of cash on expensive ‘tests’ & supplements. Many menopause issues can be solved with lifestyle changes (improved nutrition & sleep, stress reduction & exercise). Be an … Continued

Should Menopausal Women Eat Fruit?

Eat the fruit! Fruit isn’t the food that’s contributing to your menopause belly. Choose fruit over juice to get the benefit of the fiber (that will fill you up). NO foods should be off limits & you can eat ALL foods (with some moderation). What’s YOUR fav fruit?  

Fast Foods for Weight Loss

Make food prep simple with these fast foods. There’s no gourmet cooking required for weight loss. In fact, there’s a correlation between too much food variety & inability to lose weight. So limit your food choices 80% of the time. Reach out for more direction regarding the QUANTITY of food you need to reach your … Continued

Stop Doing This Ab Move

Stop doing these weighted side bends. They will only serve to wreck your back. You can’t spot reduce so NO one particular exercise will whittle your waist. But, you can strengthen your core (and also support your back) with things like side planks. If you really want to lose your menopause belly, here’s a metabolism … Continued

Need a Meal Plan That Works?

If you’re sick of… -’growing’ out of your clothes -undressing in the dark -avoiding a bathing suit -not having the confidence you’d like You don’t need another diet or meal plan. It’s time to learn to eat mindfully. Understanding yourself, including your triggers & habits is the key to LASTING change. Education drives nutritional compliance … Continued