100 Burpee/Pull Up Ladder

Before I get to this fun workout, I want to tell you when it’s the  PERFECT time to do a workout like this is… No, it’s not ‘when H*LL freezes over’ =====> It’s great to do a metabolically challenging workout BEFORE a treat meal. A workout like this will BOOST your metabolism so when your … Continued

Halloween – Scary Facts & Workout

Halloween is a big ‘event’ that pretty much centers around candy. I thought you’d enjoy some ‘fun facts’ about candy that I found pretty fascinating… ->It’s been reported that the average American eats 24 pounds of candy a year, and most of that is likely consumed right around this time. The average person consumes 22 … Continued

Why I Broke Up with Math (And Cooking too)

Math is my nemesis…let me explain. Math and I were once sort of friendly, we didn’t really click, but we got along fine enough with a little extra effort on my part. Then, in the 11th grade, I thought there was hope for a loving relationship with me and math. I had an amazing teacher, … Continued

Prep for Success

  What’s your weekend routine? Do you do anything special to re-charge yourself? Everyone has a ‘busy’ life, right? Sometimes we get so busy ‘doing’ life, that we forget to ‘live’ it. Hopefully, at least one day a week you can slow down. For me, I love Sunday’s. One of the reasons is that I … Continued

Miracle Cure-All (unusual)

My subject line may have been a bit mis-leading, but as far as I’m concerned, a host of issues can be solved with one thing: GRATITUDE. Whenever I’m feeling down, I know it’s time to start to count my blessings and reach out to help others, it works every time for me. It’s a good … Continued

Anger Management Workout

I like making killer workouts. It helps me from actually killing some one 😉 Just kidding (sort of). Sometimes I just need to take some frustrations out and a perfect way to do that is with a great workout.The workout in this blog post came in handy when I smashed  the screen of my brand … Continued

Survey Says!

A big thank you to everyone who helped me out by filling out my recent survey. It really helps me to learn more about YOU. When I know what your needs are, I can do a better job at meeting them. Many of you asked questions, so I’ll take this opportunity to address a few … Continued

#1 Bodyweight Cardio Exercise (NOT burpees)

Guest Post from Kate Vidulich That’s right. It’s NOT burpees -even though you know how much I LOVE burpees 😉 Or even jump squats… There’s one bodyweight exercise I’ve fallen in love with. It’s all you need to elevate your heart rate, kickstart your metabolism in to high gear and skyrocket your fitness level. “Go … Continued

Bodyweight Cardio 500 Workout

Want a great 7 min AMRAP workout? Don’t get me started on the uselessness of ‘cardio’ machines (the ‘dreadmill’ and the elliptical for example). They’re brilliant for only one thing ==> Let me tell you that you don’t need to spend your hard earned money on these contraptions that take up space and do nothing … Continued

Sally Up Workout

Here’s a fun idea… Listen to this song, it’s just over 3 minutes of quad burning fun. Every time you hear ‘Bring Sally Down’ squat and hold until you hear ‘Bring Sally Up’. You can see a sample of the workout here: Let me know how your quads feel after that 😉 Try it first … Continued

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