Menopause & Your Glass of Wine

Want enjoy a glass of wine? Is it worsening your menopause symptoms? Look, I don’t want to kill all your fun, but you should be aware.. A calorie is NOT a calorie where alcohol is concerned. Alcohol is its own macro-nutrient (different from protein, carbs & fat) & has 7 calories per gram. It’s metabolized … Continued

Menopause: Losing Your Mind? 3 Tips

Forgot your keys again? Or why you came into a room? Forgot your co-workers name? Brain fog is real & a frustrating symptom of menopause for some women. 60% of middle-aged women report difficulty concentrating with memory issues spiking in peri-menopause. Research suggests that foggy thinking can be related to fluctuating hormones, but the good … Continued

Always Hungry? [solution]

Here’s a solution to always feeling hungry. Eat lots of protein & here’s why: 🍗It’s harder to overeat on protein compared to carbs & fat (that seem to go down a lot quicker). 🍖Protein is more satiating. 🥚Protein helps control blood sugar so you won’t feel a surge of energy & then a crash. 🍣Protein … Continued

#1 Factor to Weight Loss Success

There’s no magic. Consistency is the secret sauce to success. It’s the opposite of “all or nothing” thinking. Consistency may ebb & flow. It’s not about perfection or never messing up. Think ‘all or something’. Weight loss success is about continually committing to simple habits. Adding some accountability will always up your game. Happy to … Continued

Weight Loss Press Conference

Are you counting non-scale victories? Weight loss isn’t linear & no weight loss can do a number on your head if you’re only using it as a measure of success. Weight loss will happen if you’re patient & when you focus on checking off these boxes… Consistent healthy nutrition in a calorie deficit Quality foods … Continued

Why Willpower is NOT Enough

Forget willpower… EVERY one gives at some point! Make it easier on yourself simply by removing temptation. Another success hack is being accountable to someone you don’t want to disappoint. If you’re serious about improving your health, put structures of support in place around you. Obvi I’d love to help! Start with watching this video … Continued

Do This Not That: Diet

For healthy weight loss, there should be some hard & fast rules… These things are OUT: Cutting out an entire macro group Going lower than 1000/day Eating food you hate Chasing the number on the scale Over Exercising to burn off excess calories Beating yourself up Changing habits & eating in a sustainable way? YES! … Continued

Eat This Not That: Fruit

I can’t eat fruit, it’s full of sugar! <- I often hear this from ladies… Sugar from fruit is different from processed sugars in sweets. Refined sugars are extracted from their source & have no nutritional value. They are associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes & heart disease. Natural sugars come with fiber, vitamins & … Continued

How to Lose Weight

Weight loss is simple, but not easy… Imagine if you just did the things that worked from the start… 1️Calorie deficit… 2️Adequate protein… 3️Being honest & consistent with nutrition… 4️Resistance training 3-4 times a week… 5️Easy movement like 10k steps a day… . Bonus tips: ✔️Be patient & don’t giving up… ✔️Stop looking for quick … Continued

Why You Need to Stop Dieting

Frustrated that your continued hard dieting efforts aren’t working? Stop working so hard! Your body isn’t designed to thrive on a low calorie for long periods of time. Your body is such a remarkable machine, it will just learn to get by on less. It’s called metabolic adaptation. Taking a diet break by increasing your … Continued