Best Ab Move?

What’s the best ‘move’ to do to get a flat and toned tummy? Unfortunately, there’s not ONE move you can do. In fact you can do sit ups and planks all day long and not get the toned tummy you want and deserve. But, the good news is that you can still get a toned … Continued

Scared to Sneeze or Laugh?

No one likes to talk about it, but ‘peeing your pants’ can be a real issue.   As women, we know it’s very common that a simple sneeze, giggle or (heaven forbid!) a jumping jack can leave a puddle in our pants 🙁   It doesn’t have to be that way though…   Meet my … Continued

Why Your Resolutions Fail

Here’s just a snippet of me on Global Calgary News sharing what you’re going to discover… The sad reality is that 92% of all fitness resolutions fail….Want to be part of the 8% that succeed? Read on… Let’s break down why you may fail at your resolutions in the first place and a solution… KNOW … Continued

2017 Predictions for YOU

There’s something exciting about a fresh start…You get to forgive yourself and forget the mistakes of the past.   Wouldn’t you just LOVE to finally reach your health goals?   Let me make a prediction for YOUR success in 2017…Just imagine how you’ll feel when:       •    You easily slip into all your favorite … Continued

Stressed? 4 Ways to Cope

Are you Stressed? Here are some tips to help you cope: 1) Action relieves anxiety – Do something positive, help someone else, make a ‘to do’ list to organize yourself. 2) Put your energy into what you can control and let go of what you can’t. 3) Surround yourself with positive people, get support. 4) … Continued

What is Shawna 247?

Are you looking for additional support to help you get rid of your menopause belly? I’d LOVE to help you. If there’s any question as to my expertise, you’ll see in the video below that I’m well respected in the industry, the media and I’ve worked with over 50K women. I’ve been getting a lot … Continued

Goal Setting Fail?

Are you setting a New Year Resolution? Have you ever set a goal and not achieved it? I know a few of you have fallen down – we all have. Can I ask you a favor? Could you please speak as kindly to yourself in the encouraging ways that you would speak to a friend? … Continued

Train Smarter NOT Harder

Sadly I see some very bad things… In the gym that is.  I was squatting the other day and the fella beside was doing something, well, I’m not quite sure what it was. I believe he felt it was a squat, but it looked like a cross between a squat and a good morning…I cringed … Continued

What Can You Do With A Kitchen Towel?

I’ve heard every excuse in the book… •    The dog ate my gym shoes. •    Sweat makes my false eyelashes come off. •    I don’t have any clean workout clothes. •    I just got my hair done. •    I’m going to lose weight first and then start working out. •    I can’t afford a gym … Continued

Should I Eat Before I Workout?

I once was a ‘fasted cardio’ fan, but I’ve since changed my tune. Doing cardio on an empty stomach is popular with physique competitors and bodybuilders striving to get as lean as possible. The theory is that low insulin levels associated with fasting are conducive to fat breakdown, meaning there are more fatty acids available … Continued