Drink Up?

Sin City. You see it all there. Recently I was out with a group of fit pros in crazy Las Vegas. We had spent the day sharing strategies on how to help our clients best, and by the evening time, we really needed to chill. After a team dinner, we ended up at a beautiful … Continued

Guest Post – A New Approach To Training Your Abs

On a recent trip to Vegas, it was the Mayweather VS Maidana match. While I didn’t go to the fight, there was plenty of press surrounding it, so I couldn’t help but notice how RIPPED these fighters were. The first thing I thought of, is what kind of training, do these guys go through? So, … Continued

Vegas Baby – 10 Minute Workout

I’m in Vegas with some of my favorite fitness folks. Unlike most Vegas trips, this is not a ‘what goes on in Vegas – stays in Vegas‘ type trip. The purpose of this trip is to ‘mastermind’ with the best in the biz. We come here once a year to meet and share strategies on … Continued

A Personal Challenge

You know I’m all about ‘challenges‘: burpee challenges. pushup challenges. pull up challenges…etc. Challenges are everywhere. I think challenges are a great way to get you out of your fitness rut. But there are always challenges that have nothing to do with fitness… Our reaction to dealing with these challenges show us who we really … Continued

Fix Your Kettlebell Clean

Guest Post  By Forest Vance Level 2 certified Russian KB Instructor Kettlebell Challenge 2.0 The kettlebell clean is possibly the toughest to MASTER of the basic KB drills (“basic” kettlebell exercises being the swing, squat, Turkish get up, clean, press, and snatch). The goal is to clean the ‘bell up from the ground in one … Continued

I Wish I Were My Dog

I can only aspire to be a dog. Particularly my dog, Sev. Let me explain. Sev came from humble beginnings. He was likely an ‘oops’ dog. A member of a litter among many litters on the Native Reserve close to Calgary. I’m sure he was homeless and living in a ditch for the better part … Continued

Gym Rescue – Behind the Scenes

  You’ll want to make sure you have images enabled for this email 😉 There’s been a lot of talk about the latest episode ‘Gym Rescue’ where I got to be the ‘fitness expert’ that helped a failing ‘sorority’ gym turn itself around and become a viable business.   Many have asked if this reality … Continued

A Different Sort of Challenge

And if you’re up for a new sort of challenge, here was an entirely different one I did: What a fantastically fun fundraising idea. Even if no one ‘calls you out’, I highly recommend that you go here to make a donation.  Sadly, I’ve had ALS touch two people in my life, so making any … Continued

Gym Rescue Workout “Revealed”

I needed a kick butt workout… The stage was set (quite literally) and the failing sorority gym staff had to prove that they had what it takes to be a future success. Trainer Delissa needed to learn how to train a large group of clients in a small space and short amount of time. I … Continued

It’s a Wrap

All I can say is ‘thank you’! After my appearance on last night’s episode of “Gym Rescue” I’ve been absolutely flooded with congratulations and kudos from lots of you. In case you missed it, I was asked by Spike TV to show off my “Body Transformation Expert” skills and come in and teach the most … Continued

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