5 Tips to Cure Plantar Fasciitis

What can you do about plantar fasciitis? I love to jump rope but discovered that if I don’t wear proper foot wear, my feet rebell 😉 I did a ton of jump rope videos for this program  and paid the price. Plantar fasciitus is no fun and difficult to get rid of.   Thankfully I … Continued

#1 Worst Workout (Ever)

I see this every time I go to ANY gym. I figure that since I harp on this particular point so much, that everyone should have heard this message by now, but apparently not. Many people are still stuck doing long duration, low-intensity cardiovascular workouts. Oh dear. Here’s the deal: If you’re looking to achieve … Continued

Metabolism Myths + Solution to Keep You Fired UP!

A faster metabolism is the holy grail of fat loss right? If you have a faster metabolism, you’ll burn more calories with less effort and fit into your jeans much better in less time….win – win – win… However, there’s conflicting info out there as to the best way to increase your metabolism, but one … Continued

Metabolic Resistance Training Anyone?

Maybe you recall that I posted I was doing videos in July (yes, July)… I bet you sort of gave up on this program didn’t you? I know I almost did.  Well, sadly my webmaster’s partner suddenly died in November of 2014. This slowed things down considerably. Also, to my delight, Rob Jaeger, my awesome … Continued

My Favorite Things

It’s Valentine’s Day. Of course everyone always thinks of ‘love’ on this day and I’m the same. The love that I’ll speak about is OBVIOUSLY going to be of the sweaty variety and a little different than the mushy sort of Hallmark cards. Would you expect any different from me? I mean, think about it. … Continued

Strengthen Your Core and Burn Belly Fat At Once

I always get asked what the BEST ab move is AND how can one can get rid of belly fat. To me, these are sort of different questions: one is functional and one is aesthetic. The BEST ab move to strengthen the core is anything plank related. This strengthens the transverse abdominus muscle – there … Continued

Guest Post: 5 Tips to DOMINATE Your Double Unders

How’s it going? Robby Blanchard here! If you are reading this blog post right now then you already know and love Shawna and her awesome training, Challenge Workout programs and her pullups. I mean, Shawna can bust out pullups like nobody’s business…how awesome is that?! But on top of all that she is an awesome … Continued

Guest Post: Do your knees have you on your knees?!

Do you have some aching soreness in the front of your knee just below your knee cap? How about some pain on the side of your knee every time you go up stairs? One of the biggest complaints people have that restrict them and their workouts is knee pain. Every time they bend down to … Continued

Sexual harassment or yoga? (my experience)

I know that yoga really has a calming effect during stressful times, right? Oo-o-m-mmm… I hate yoga. I’m sorry, I just have to be honest about it. The reason I don’t like yoga is not with ‘yoga’ itself so much,but more about my first yoga/sexual harassment experience. I really need to give yoga another go … Continued

Challenge Workouts VIP Coaching Q n A

How’s your motivation today? Did you workout? How was your nutrition? I ask this because you expressed interest in my Challenge Workout VIP coaching program and this is the sort of thing you’d need to report in every day. No matter if you’ve had a great day or you totally fell off the wagon, the … Continued