Reasons Your Weight Fluctuates Daily

Your weight will fluctuate. Try not to sweat it. Use your weight as DATA to learn about & trust your body. There’s always a scientific reason for the fluctuations because weight loss & gain aren’t magical. If you need support, happy to hold your hand. Reach out:

Fail Small

There’s no real catastrophic failure where diet is concerned. It’s just one meal at a time. And if you mess up, FAIL SMALL. There’s always the next meal or snack to get back on track. You can do it! Let’s talk:

Eat This, Avoid That After You Workout

Regular workouts should be your TOP priority, but after that, a post workout shake can help boost results. For this ONE meal, you want something that digests FAST. Avoid fats & fiber because they slow down digestion. Quick digesting protein (like whey) is a good choice, along with an equal amount of carbs. The carbs … Continued

You Don’t HAVE to Food Log (5 Reasons It Helps)

You don’t have to food log to lose weight. But when you do, you’ll have a better idea of what’s working & what isn’t. You’ll be able to course correct more easily. You’ll have a built in accountability tool – because if you promise to log all that you eat, your mindless eating will be … Continued

4 Ways to Build Muscle (Even in Menopause)

Muscle is the fountain of youth. It keeps you functional & fuels your metabolic fire. You can build muscle well into your 70’s, so don’t think it’s too late! Obviously lifting MORE weight will help you build muscle. Focusing on SLOW lifting, especially during the ECCENTRIC contraction (often when lowering the weight) will build muscle. … Continued

Are You Setting the Wrong Goal?

You’re setting the wrong goal. Instead of a weight loss (outcome goal), set up actions or habits (process goals). It’s your habits that will make the weight loss happen. So when you check off things like exercise 3-4x week, 8 hours sleep, leaving work at 5pm, drinking half your body weight in water and protein … Continued

The ‘Cost’ Of Visible Abs

Do you really want visible abs? Do you know what it costs in terms of your lifestyle? Understand that there is a LOT of smoke & mirrors on social media. Lots of pics have fancy lighting &/or are photoshopped (so don’t think less of yourself if you look differently). I respect any decision you make … Continued

How to Get Back on Track

It’s just one meal at a time… There’s no real catastrophic failure if you mess up. And if (or WHEN) you mess up, FAIL SMALL. There’s always the next meal or snack to get back on track. You can do it! I can help, let’s talk:

Why Protein for Menopause?

Why load up on protein? For one reason, it’s the most filling macronutrient. It’s much easier to stay in a calorie deficit when you aren’t starving. Message me the word PROTEIN  to and I’ll send info on YOUR protein needs based on your desired body weight (along with a ton of protein examples). You’re … Continued

One Reason You Binge

Starving yourself isn’t the answer. That usually just leads to BINGING & your body learns to get by on less energy. Low calorie diets aren’t sustainable, kill your metabolism & are no fun! Have you considered just eating MORE? You could lose weight by staying in a SLIGHT calorie deficit & enjoying life a lot … Continued