Tips to Get Your Workout Done

Make your life a little easier by putting a few habits in place to get that workout DONE! If you’re a woman over 40, here’s the perfect at-home solution to lose your menopause belly:

Pull Up Progression Part 2

Want to do a pull up? Check out my beginner pull up progression & then follow up with these 5 progressions: 1. By now you should be able to do a thin banded pull up with eccentric (slow) lowering (5 reps) 2. Do a jumping pull up (5-10 reps) 3. Do a jumping pull up … Continued

Beginner Pull Up Tips

Want to do a pull up? It’s a worthy and DOABLE goal, even for those late to the game. Side note: I learned how to do all kinds of skills like kipping pull ups, muscle ups, toes to bar, handstand push ups & handstand walking well into my 50’s. If I can learn, so can … Continued

Most Menopausal Women & Their Diets…

Starving & not losing weight? Frustrated with lack lustre weight loss results on your current diet? There in lies the problem… ‘Diet’ It’s a 4 letter word. I’d prefer my clients NOT be on a diet at all. Instead, let’s work around the foods you love to create a moderate calorie deficit that will result … Continued

Can’t Squat?

“But I can’t squat!” EVERYONE who wants to toilet themselves can squat. So unless you want bathroom assistance over time, it’s wise to strengthen those quads now because if you don’t use your muscles, you’ll lose them. You can simply start with a wall sit for 30 sec to a minute. Work into 90º depth. … Continued

Menopausal Weight Gain? It’s Not What You Think

Don’t blame menopause. Your health issues may be something else… You can’t control estrogen/progestrone but you CAN other hormones… Insulin is one of them & you can use it to your advantage to control our weight… If insulin levels are out of control, you may develop insulin resistance & experience… 〰️Brain fog… 〰️High blood sugar… … Continued

Hack to Stop Overeating

Did you know that it takes 20 min for your belly to tell your brain that it’s full? An easy hack to get in tune with your body then is to simply SLOW DOWN when you’re eating. Sometimes you may overeat just because you’ve taken in too much food in too short a time. You’re … Continued

Hip Replacement Recovery Update – 4 Weeks Post Op

Facing hip replacement?  I’m documenting my experience to help you know what to expect. I had the anterior approach surgery which meant no muscles were cut so recovery is faster. At 4 weeks post op: No pain meds. ROM – I’m working on range of motion & can get to a 90° squat but my … Continued

I’m Shawna, What Can I Do For YOU?

Why are details about ME important to YOU? Read on… I’m 58 years old & I’ve been walking the health walk for over a half a century so I have a LOT of experience to help YOU. As a woman in my late 50’s, I can help YOU navigate perimenopause, menopause & all that goes … Continued