Happy Birthday to Me – Challenge

It was my 54th birthday… Back story, when I turned 50, I thought it would be cool to do 50 pull ups in under 5 minutes… …4 years later, I thought I’d try the same challenge (except well, I’m 4 years older so I had to do more pull ups).  I attempted to do 54 pull ups … Continued

Why You Do NOT Need to Do Cardio….

Many women mistakenly believe that they need to ‘do cardio’ to burn fat and to train the cardiovascular system. In an effort to stay fit and lose belly fat, they spend hours ‘jogging’ or doing steady state low intensity exercise on treadmills, elliptical machines and stationary bikes. You couldn’t be further from the truth. While … Continued

Have you taken the stubborn fat test?

  Guest Post from Mauricio – Author of Stubborn Fat Fix Let’s face it, everybody has certain areas of the body in which they lose fat faster from than others. Yet no matter how much exercise and dieting we do, we just can’t seem to lose that list bit of unwanted stubborn fat.   Even … Continued

Kitchen Lesson About the BEST Fat Burning Exercise

Here’s a kitchen demo to illustrate the BEST belly fat burning exercise. If you had to melt some fat in the kitchen, would you use a candle or a frying pan on the stove top? The answer is obvious. The candle is like doing low intensity exercise like steady state cardio and the frying pan … Continued

More Reasons to Ditch ‘Cardio’

If you’re still doing cardio to get lean and get rid of you belly, I want to save you the trouble and provide an alternate approach so stick with me. First I need to beat up on steady state cardio just a little to remind you why you shouldn’t do it. Steady state cardio – … Continued

Best Ab Move?

What’s the best ‘move’ to do to get a flat and toned tummy? Unfortunately, there’s not ONE move you can do. In fact you can do sit ups and planks all day long and not get the toned tummy you want and deserve. But, the good news is that you can still get a toned … Continued

Scared to Sneeze or Laugh?

No one likes to talk about it, but ‘peeing your pants’ can be a real issue.   As women, we know it’s very common that a simple sneeze, giggle or (heaven forbid!) a jumping jack can leave a puddle in our pants 🙁   It doesn’t have to be that way though…   Meet my … Continued

53 Home Exercises for a Bikini Belly

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a gym membership or fancy gym equipment at home to get a bikini belly. I mean who knew you’d be stuck at home in quarantine with the COVID19 pandemic, right? Bodyweight exercises are extremely effective and can be done anywhere. They are one of the BEST ways to … Continued

Train Smarter NOT Harder

Sadly I see some very bad things… In the gym that is.  I was squatting the other day and the fella beside was doing something, well, I’m not quite sure what it was. I believe he felt it was a squat, but it looked like a cross between a squat and a good morning…I cringed … Continued

What Can You Do With A Kitchen Towel?

I’ve heard every excuse in the book… •    The dog ate my gym shoes. •    Sweat makes my false eyelashes come off. •    I don’t have any clean workout clothes. •    I just got my hair done. •    I’m going to lose weight first and then start working out. •    I can’t afford a gym … Continued