Guest Post: 5 Tips to DOMINATE Your Double Unders

How’s it going? Robby Blanchard here! If you are reading this blog post right now then you already know and love Shawna and her awesome training, Challenge Workout programs and her pullups. I mean, Shawna can bust out pullups like nobody’s business…how awesome is that?! But on top of all that she is an awesome … Continued

Guest Post: Do your knees have you on your knees?!

Do you have some aching soreness in the front of your knee just below your knee cap? How about some pain on the side of your knee every time you go up stairs? One of the biggest complaints people have that restrict them and their workouts is knee pain. Every time they bend down to … Continued

Sexual harassment or yoga? (my experience)

I know that yoga really has a calming effect during stressful times, right? Oo-o-m-mmm… I hate yoga. I’m sorry, I just have to be honest about it. The reason I don’t like yoga is not with ‘yoga’ itself so much,but more about my first yoga/sexual harassment experience. I really need to give yoga another go … Continued

A quick and sweaty ladder (the exercise kind)

If you asked me what’s the best way to deal with stress, I’d answer “exercise”.  I sort of believe that exercise is the answer to most of life’s big questions, “world peace?” – send ‘em into the boxing ring.  If only the United Nations had asked my opinion!! I’ve got a ripper little workout for … Continued

What’s Your Favorite?

What are YOUR favorite workouts? I put this to my VIP coaching group because we’ve had opportunity to switch plans every 21 days and I wanted to get their input. It seems that the Metabolic Resistance Training module was a big hit. If you’re unsure what a MRT workout is, let me explain… Anytime you … Continued

How old are you?

It’s sort of a rude question, isn’t it? How do YOU feel when you get asked your age? Are you honest with your answer? I’ve never really understood the benefit of lying about my age. While I’m not thrilled to be over 50, it’s nice to see the surprised look on the face of the … Continued

How to get an effective back workout with little or no equipment

One of the most important but challenging muscle groups to work without equipment is your back.  Building a strong back helps you with great posture, balances tight chest muscles (and most of us are VERY tight through the front of our bodies), relieves stress through the neck and creates great pulling strength. If you don’t … Continued

If You Don’t Use It…

If you don’t use it, you lose it. That’s how it goes with muscle. But what if you can’t exercise to work your muscles because you’ve lost mobility? Well, if you don’t remain flexible, you lose what flexibility you have too :/ This will open you up to a ton of injuries and it’s a … Continued

I Was Wrong About the Treadmill…

Okay, okay, so I was wrong….. I’ve come to realize that all the treadmill bashing I’ve been doing is falling on deaf ears. So I re-evaluated the reason I bash the treadmill and I’ve come to realize that the treadmill has really been getting a bad rap from me. The treadmill is really no different … Continued

I Almost Drowned…

Okay, so that may be a bit of an over statement… But man, it felt like I was drowning. If you’ve been reading my emails you may know that I took up a new challenge: surfing. Recently I was out on a new beach in waves that were ‘over my head’ – literally and figuratively … Continued