5 Minute Movement ‘Snack’ Ideas for Busy Women

Save this for those days when time is tight & you feel like you can’t workout…

Here are 8 ‘movement snacks’ – do anywhere short bursts of exercise.

Sometimes all you may have is 5 minutes – and that’s enough to help you maintain your fitness.

Don’t discount any small amount of movement.

In fact, just 6 min of exercise 30 min before eating can improve glycemic control with those with insulin resistance – which, over time will help with weight management.


So save (and share) this for movement ideas on your busiest days. Here are 6 F.R.E.E. movement snacks for you.

And if you need more ideas on how to fit fitness in, let’s talk: https://tinyurl.com/talktoshawna

Do you do movement snacks?