Reason to Be Strong in Menopause?

Being functionally fit has it’s benefits! Need some help? Workout with me and my team here: Drop a comment if you’re up to moving furniture 😉

Menopause: Your Defining Decade

This may be something you’d prefer not to think about… But I think it’s important to be intentional now while we have choices. If you choose NOT to move your body, there will come a time when you can’t. Think about the older people in your life that are fit and active. Do you think … Continued

The Real Reason to Exercise in Menopause

I love the idea that every small effort is an investment in your future self. I saw a Tweet from Elizabeth Davies that inspired this video… Who else wants to train for your old lady body? If you want an at-home workout option, geared for your aging body, join me and my team. Got aches … Continued

Stuck at Your Desk? Do THIS

Something (anything!) is better than nothing where movement is concerned. If you’re stuck at your desk, set a timer to go off every hour. Get up and do ONE minute of exercise, here are some ideas: chair squats desk push ups jumping jacks marches reverse lunges wall sits wall stick ups side bends calf raises … Continued

Stop Exercising to Lose Weight

Stop relying on exercise to lose weight. Exercise has a ton of benefits beyond calorie burning including: Reducing the risk of cancer. … Strengthening your bones. … Reducing the risk of other diseases. … Boosting your mood To name just a few! Exercise for FUN & FUNCTION Weight loss is best addressed with modifying nutrition. … Continued

Which Burns Fat Faster? Cardio or Weights?

What’s best for faster fat loss? You’re asking the wrong question. The speed you lose fat is less important than the SUSTAINABILITY of the fat lost. Cardio ‘may’ initially burn more calories but if you want to play the long game where fat loss is concerned, you’ll want to build more muscle. Muscle is metabolically … Continued

Best Way to Recover From a Set Back

Recovering from a setback is slow & tedious. Often times it feels like a useless endeavour. But little by little, a little becomes a lot! Don’t discount the small efforts to get yourself back; small efforts ADD UP. For many, workouts drive nutrition – when you’re training, you’re eating more supportively. Making healthy eating choices … Continued

Workout Philosophy for Women 40+

Don’t exercise just to burn calories… Exercise for FUN. Exercise to stay functional as you age… Cuz even the ‘best’ workout won’t help you if you don’t do it. Here’s a fun full body workout. 10 rounds: 20 KB swings (or burpees) 5 pull ups (modify if needed or do any sort of rowing movement) … Continued

How to Workout Around Injury

Injured? Me too. The good news is that there’s almost always something you can do to work around it. The worst thing you can do is just sit on the couch. You’ll feel better with some movement, and it can even speed up healing. Stay positive and patient. Keep your workout habit. Move the injured … Continued

Why You Need to Walk ‘Right’!

Lacing up to go for a walk? Here’s why you need to address any injury that affects your walking or gait right away. Walking is one of THE most repetitive movements we do. Let’s say you do a moderate 5K steps per day. That’s 35k steps per week & almost 2 million steps per year. … Continued