Can You Pass This Test?

Are you physically aging too quickly? This sit-to-rise test, developed in 1990, was supposed to be a predictor of longevity. The goal of the test is to get on & off the floor without touching hands to the floor or any other support. While the original study had some limitations, it’s still a good test … Continued

Knee Friendly Butt Lifting Workout

Sore knees? You can still get a leg friendly, butt lifting workout without aggravating your knees. Remember, You can’t spot reduce! But you can activate & strengthen your glutes & who doesn’t want a perky muscular bum? Do 30 seconds of each exercise: KB swings Single leg RDL weak side Single leg RDL strong strong … Continued

Don’t Exercise Alone!

Hate exercise? Don’t do it alone. You’re more likely to stick to it when you workout with a friend or a coach. Oka, R. K., King, A. C., & Young, D. R. (1995). Sources of social support as predictors of exercise adherence in women and men ages 50 to 65 years. Women’s health (Hillsdale, NJ), 1(2), 161-175. … Continued

The ‘Ole Lady’ Test

Losing your balance as you age is a very real issue. Can you do this ‘Ole Lady’ test? Your ability to maintain your balance decreases with age. This correlates with increased injuries related to falls also as you age. If you want to protect yourself from falling and continue to do all the things you … Continued

Bodyweight Foot Stool Workout

Life is about to get busy(er)! With the holidays around the corner, it’s good to have a few bodyweight ‘do anywhere’ workouts to lean on. Don’t discount the value of short bodyweight workouts to maintain and even build lean muscle. All you need is a foot stool, bench or sturdy chair for this. After a … Continued

Do This Micro-Movement to Improve Metabolism

This tiny movement packs a lotta punch, especially if you can’t workout due to work, travel or injury… An exciting new study showed that those doing continuous seated calf raises experienced dramatic improvements in blood sugar regulation & metabolism. This was noted in the study: ✔️52% less increase in blood glucose after a meal ✔️60% … Continued

Hallway ‘Movement Snack’

Sometimes life is just too crazy to get a ‘formal’ workout done. On those days, if you find yourself walking down the same hallway, maybe you could fit a movement snack like this in: Repeat 5 times in the day Lunge walk 10 steps 10 squats 10 wall push ups *Do this every time you … Continued

Do This 1 Min Per Day to Improve Bone Density

Want to improve bone density in less than 1 minute a day? You can lose 20% of your bone density within 5-7 years of menopause but JUMPING 10-20 times twice daily can dramatically improve bone density. Any kind of jumping can improve strength, body composition and bone health. Considering that one third of all fall … Continued

Sweaty 5 Minute ‘Movement Snack’

Try this movement snack if you can’t get a workout in, but you have 5 minutes to get a sweat on: AMRAP 5-7 min 10 Rev Lunges 5 per side Crab alt toe touch (or dead bug) 10 per side Skater 20 Glute Bridge pulse 10 High Knees/10 march 5 Push Ups Short bursts of … Continued

Stop! You’re Doing It Wrong – Save Your Shoulders

Stop! You’re doing it wrong. If you want happy shoulders while developing your chest, shoulder and tricep muscles, avoid straight arms for chest flies and wide arms/hands for push ups. Instead, protect your shoulders by balancing the weight of the DB over the elbow for chest flies and keeping the hands and elbows close to … Continued