7 Tips to Bump Up Your Fitness

Little by little, a little becomes a lot. Baby steps. I’ve used these techniques to recover from hip replacement surgery in August of 2021. I’m back to doing all the things I love & at about 70% strength for hip related moves 5 months later. While making these small changes don’t seem like much, over … Continued

Wanna Workout But Can’t Leave Home?

We’ve all been stuck at home for some reason or another. -Sleeping or sick kids. -Broken down car or poor weather. -Gyms closed. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t have to be the reason you miss your workout again. Join me & my team for LIVE workouts (or workout in your own time with 200+ follow … Continued

My Doctor Prescribed Exercise…

Looking for a short cut? There really isn’t one… But the good news is that there are so many exercise options – you’ll even benefit from walking! So just find something to do & get moving. And if you need some support, why not workout with me & my team? We do LIVE Zoom workouts … Continued

Wake Up Your Glutes

Ima lazy a$$… With my hip injury/replacement surgery, my body turned off glute muscles to allow for healing, so now it’s time to wake them up. I did these exercises before & especially after surgery to get muscles firing (so I can safely return to other fun movements like squats, snatches, cleans, etc). If you … Continued

Should You Workout on Holidays?

Should you workout on holidays? Yes & No! Do what feels right for you! We happen to enjoy staying active on holidays, but we spend just as much time chillin … Wherever you are, if you’re looking for a quick full body workout, ‘Cindy’ is a ‘fun’ one: AMRAP 20 minutes 5 pull ups (or … Continued

Try Something New…

Changing up a training variable is a fun challenge. Who knew walking on grass would be so hard? If you’re doing the ‘same old’ where your workouts are concerned, I dare you to try something new… What will you change up? Train with me & my team here: https://tinyurl.com/SKWorkouts  

Cardio or Weights for Weight Loss?

Cardio or weights for weight loss? NEITHER! Your workout isn’t for calorie burning, it’s for fun & function. Okay, there’s a calorie burning aspect to it, but there are so many other benefits like: Improved heart health. Improved body composition. Improved muscle/bone strength. Improved mental health. Your body will benefit from BOTH cardio & resistance … Continued

Got 20 Minutes? Let’s GO

Got 20 minutes? Here’s a fun full body AMRAP workout to do solo or with a friend (lotsa modifications available so anyone can do this): 15 unanchored sit ups 12 BB or DB thrusters or air squats 9 T2B or knees to chest or leg raises 6 burpees or full body extensions 3 Devil’s press … Continued

Biggest HIIT Mistake

You need to work hard & then rest hard if you want to reap the benefits of high intensity interval training. If you don’t need a rest, you aren’t going hard enough & you’re likely doing steady state cardio. Both types of exercise are effective! A bonus of HIIT is an elevated metabolic rate (which … Continued

Wanna Workout With Me?

Your workouts are only good if you’re doing them! If you need accountability & the watchful eye of a coach, try working out with my team & me. I do weekly check ins to keep you accountable to your goals. We can modify/intensify exercises to suit your needs. All workouts are recorded so you have … Continued