Wrist Pain Solutions

Do you have wrist pain when exercising? Lea recently commented on the Female Fat Loss Over 40 Facebook fan page saying how much she enjoyed Shawna’s workout videos for Female Fat Loss over 40 but shared how frustrated she felt with exercises like burpees and mountain climbers because her wrists were not strong enough to … Continued

Ugly Workout You’ll Love

It got ugly. Yesterday I went to the gym and decided it was a pulling workout. I noticed the pull up bar free so I set up camp there. Side note: It’s unfathomable to me that a big box gym has only ONE pull up bar in the entire place. Well, that’s a lie, there’s … Continued

Crunches or Sit-ups?

Crunches or Sit-ups? Guest Post by Sylvia Favela Author: Bodyweight Pilates There are three things that are nearly on every woman’s wish list: A Fat Bank Account, A Hunky Man and Sexy Lean Abs, Right?! You won’t get that enviable sexy midsection by doing crunches or skipping out on your workouts. With dozens of options … Continued

Best Ab Move – Arm Positions

Front Planks are a very common exercise that’s incorporated into health, fitness, performance and rehabilitation exercise programs. I recommend planks all the time. They can be done on the wall, the floor or on top of a piece of fitness equipment (like a stability ball). The front plank is an exercise for upper body stability, scapular stability, core stability, … Continued

Bodyweight RIST & FUW Challenge Part 2

Want another body weight workout? You’ll find a similar style workout to this one here. I call this ‘part 2’  because if you’re super fit, you could string the workout below with this workout together. These workouts are  ‘RIST & FUW’ type workouts. RIST – reps in specific time FUW – finish up with I … Continued

Bodyweight RIST & FUW Challenge Part 1

PLEASE SHARE this with anyone you know that still thinks that the answer to flat abs and a sexy physique is endless ‘cardio’. I’m so saddened when I go into any gym and see the sea of treadmills with people plodding away working towards the body of their dreams. (The body they want will only … Continued

Sore Back? Best Ab Move Ever

I often hear this from clients: I have a lot of back pain. I’m nervous to exercise and if I do, I’m not making much progress. What should I do? I have a ‘go to’ answer and even a ‘go to’ expert. Here we are in Miami this January. We were out for dinner with … Continued

Why Functional Fitness?

Here I am with Dr. Dan Ritchie in Lapeer, MI. We spent a weekend filming follow along videos, along with his co-author Cody Sipes. The weekend was good fun with these doctors. I suppose it was like a holiday for the two of them. They have VERY busy lives back home since Dan has 5 … Continued

Top Reasons Why Older Women Should Lift Weights

Sadly when I mention lifting weights to women, the most common response is: I DON’T WANT TO GET BIG, PUT ON MUSCLE OR LOOK LIKE A MAN. Seriously, if putting on muscle were that easy…If you only knew the amount of weight I lift, you’d feel more secure in knowing that you’ll NEVER bulk up … Continued

Never Grow Old

This is Dr Dan Ritchie and me. We’re on the set in Lapeer, MI where we filmed all the videos for Functional Fitness. These videos were a little different for me to film. I was the ‘doer’ in each video instead of doing any of the coaching and I learned A LOT from both Dr. … Continued