Bodyweight RIST & FUW Challenge Part 2

Want another body weight workout? You’ll find a similar style workout to this one here. I call this ‘part 2’  because if you’re super fit, you could string the workout below with this workout together. These workouts are  ‘RIST & FUW’ type workouts. RIST – reps in specific time FUW – finish up with I … Continued

Bodyweight RIST & FUW Challenge Part 1

PLEASE SHARE this with anyone you know that still thinks that the answer to flat abs and a sexy physique is endless ‘cardio’. I’m so saddened when I go into any gym and see the sea of treadmills with people plodding away working towards the body of their dreams. (The body they want will only … Continued

Sore Back? Best Ab Move Ever

I often hear this from clients: I have a lot of back pain. I’m nervous to exercise and if I do, I’m not making much progress. What should I do? I have a ‘go to’ answer and even a ‘go to’ expert. Here we are in Miami this January. We were out for dinner with … Continued

Why Functional Fitness?

Here I am with Dr. Dan Ritchie in Lapeer, MI. We spent a weekend filming follow along videos, along with his co-author Cody Sipes. The weekend was good fun with these doctors. I suppose it was like a holiday for the two of them. They have VERY busy lives back home since Dan has 5 … Continued

Top Reasons Why Older Women Should Lift Weights

Sadly when I mention lifting weights to women, the most common response is: I DON’T WANT TO GET BIG, PUT ON MUSCLE OR LOOK LIKE A MAN. Seriously, if putting on muscle were that easy…If you only knew the amount of weight I lift, you’d feel more secure in knowing that you’ll NEVER bulk up … Continued

Never Grow Old

This is Dr Dan Ritchie and me. We’re on the set in Lapeer, MI where we filmed all the videos for Functional Fitness. These videos were a little different for me to film. I was the ‘doer’ in each video instead of doing any of the coaching and I learned A LOT from both Dr. … Continued

Never Too Old

I got an email from Mary. She loved a workout I had on the blog, but it required that she get up and down from the floor; Mary couldn’t get up and down off the floor. She was discouraged and asked me for help. Well, some of the workouts I post are a little too … Continued

Too Old? Never!

I want to dedicate this post to all those readers, those champions of fitness that are a little older. You know who you are. You email me regularly with your questions and stories of inspiration. Take Gerald for example. He’s 80, he’s recently started walking regularly, he gardens and he picked up Challenge Complexes.  He … Continued

#1 Myth about Lactic Acid training

Guest post by Kate Vidulich We’ve all felt the familiar burn that comes with the last few reps of a difficult set of exercises. That burning feeling is all thanks to lactic acid. There is a huge myth about “lactic acid training” that almost all women and men believe when trying to flatten their stomach, … Continued

Accelerate Fat Loss? Meet Kate

This is my good friend and trainer, Kate Vidulich. She’s from Australia and lives in New York City. She’s obviously running from something or someone to move from down under don’t you think? I hate her. She acts all sweet-like with her Australian accent and then she slowly kills you… How about this killer? (You … Continued

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