The 3 Minute Micro Progression Ab Challenge

Have you ever seen one of these?     That’s a sasquatch sighting and for many, you may actually see a sasquatch before you reveal your own set of these:   Those are my abs. I don’t need to tell you that I’m 51 (that picture was taken when I was 50, but trust me, … Continued

Foam rolling for Hip and knee pain

From Lisa Bullock We received a question from Carla requesting a little more information about foam rolling for sore knees and asking how she could strengthen her legs to relieve knee pain.  If you missed my email about training with knee pain, check it out HERE. I’m going to make a generalisation here.  In the … Continued

3 best butt exercises of all time (NO squats)

Guest Post 3 Best Butt Exercises of All Time By Kate Vidulich Yeah, you do squats. But aren’t you ready to mix it up a bit? Of course you are. 😉 Here’s the thing… You don’t need to spend half an hour on the abductor/adductor machines at the gym. Or even do a million squats … Continued

5 Exercises to STOP Doing (#3 is controversial)

Guest Post 5 Exercises to STOP Doing (#3 is controversial) By Kate Vidulich Kettlebells, yoga, CrossFit, high intensity training… Everywhere you look, people over 30 are doing new and exciting things, trying to recapture their youth. But there’s a BIG problem. The exercises below are actually do more harm than good. Watch out… #1: Good … Continued

Q & A – Cardio alternatives with knee injuries

From Lisa Bullock Jennifer wrote in desperation to Shawna and I looking for high intensity cardio options  she could use with a very limiting knee injury.  She said:   “I have little cartilage on the outer side of my left knee and bone spurs. My knee issues have flared up hugely and now am trying … Continued

Basic Jump Rope Steps

Want to learn to jump rope? You’ll get tangled up in the beginning, but if you keep at it, you’ll be a pro, impress all the 10 year olds on the block and get super fit 😉 Start with the basics. A double jump is the easiest way to start. The rope can be going … Continued

Lose the Machines – Do This Instead

Please tell me you’re smarter than this… ====>   I’m not going to name any business specifically, but if you look closely, you may see the URL, do a Google search (or take a guess) at what a certain fitness celeb is pushing as ‘cutting edge’ workouts…(THESE are cutting edge workouts that work). Now, I … Continued

Get Outta Dodge (Quickie Workout)

Want a quickie?   <====NO! Not that kind! A different kind of quickie entirely! This blog is about training! What were you thinking?? Let’s talk quick workouts… Your workout should enhance your life not BE your life. I love to workout, but I love to do other things too, that’s why this 20 min workout … Continued

Trouble Spot? Don’t Eat This!

What are YOU covering up? For most of us, summer is here and that means the possibility of wearing more revealing clothes like shorts or sleeveless shirts, or (GASP!) even a bathing suit. How do you feel about that? Are you hoping for rain so that you can stay in long sleeves and pants? What … Continued

Do Something Scary…

Do something that scares you. I’m headed to Canmore later today and I’ll be doing a Via Ferrata climb in Banff tomorrow with a few friends. Here’s one element ===> Now, I’m not afraid of heights – I can safely say from the comfort of my kitchen table at the moment, but I guess I’ll … Continued