Workout Philosophy for Women 40+

Don’t exercise just to burn calories…

Exercise for FUN.

Exercise to stay functional as you age…

Cuz even the ‘best’ workout won’t help you if you don’t do it.

Here’s a fun full body workout.

10 rounds:

  • 20 KB swings (or burpees)
  • 5 pull ups (modify if needed or do any sort of rowing movement)
  • 15 goblet or air squats
  • 10 push ups

It took us about 20 minutes to do 10 rounds.

You can modify rounds or exercises to suit your fitness level and equipment availability.

Time your first round and aim to keep your splits around the same.

Timing also helps me keep track of rounds because counting gets hard!

I especially enjoyed this one because it was my last workout before my 2nd hip replacement.

You can see a quick clip of my 2nd hip replacement experience here.

If you’d like to be the healthiest version of you, even in menopause and beyond, let me help.

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