Best Menopause Supplement?

Want a magic pill, powder or potion to deal with menopause symptoms & weight gain?

(I’m not talking about MHT (menopausal hormone therapy) which can be very effective – talk to your doctor!)

Unfortunately, clever marketers have latched onto menopause as the new cash cow for ineffective supplements.

You’re better off changing your habits but that isn’t sexy or fun.

It takes time & effort.

Habit change isn’t as difficult as you may think when you implement change in a progressive & systematic way.

The key is to make small changes over time instead of changing too much too soon.

Small changes could include:
Eating more protein
Reducing processed foods and sugar
Getting more sleep
Reducing stress
Including resistance training 2-3/week
Increasing daily steps
Drinking more water
Fostering healthy relationships

Nothing sexy, but doable without spending a ton o’ cash on expensive supplements.

I can help with some knowledge and ACCOUNTABILITY until those habits are established. Let’s talk: