Hate Traditional Cardio? Do This

Ditch traditional cardio & still get super fit with metabolic conditioning.

Here’s a fun one that can be modified or intensified to suit your fitness level.

5-10 rounds for time:

-8 pull ups
OR Modify with: TRX rows or inverted rows or bent rows or DB rows

-20 ft Handstand walk
OR Modify with: 30 sec handstand hold or 10 push ups

-20 KB swings
OR Modify with: 20 DB ring the bell or 10 burpees

-20 DUBS
OR Modify with: 30 singles or 30 high knees

Let me know if you do this one & what you think!

Also, reach out if you want to train with me for reals either in person or via zoom: https://tinyurl.com/talktoshawna