Don’t Stop Squatting! Tips for Menopausal Women

Back pain or knee pain when you squat? Use the tips in this video to improve your form and alleviate pain. Just DON’T STOP SQUATTING! It’s one of the MOST functional movements that will help you avoid bathroom assistance as you age. Want to age well? Let me help! I work with menopausal women to … Continued

How to Make Any Exercise Harder

Ladies, even in menopause you need to keep challenging yourself. Want to make an exercise harder without adding more weight? Slow it down! Especially when the muscle is lengthening, for example: Lowering your body in the squat Lowering yourself on the pull up Lowering your legs on a knee raise Lowering the weight on a … Continued

Weight Loss Goal?

Have a weight loss goal? Why not choose a goal that you have more control over the outcome? How about setting a goal related to: -strength -a skill -an adventure A performance goal provides: -a measurable outcome -motivation to achieve the goal –*the happy coincidence is weight loss can often occur in it’s pursuit* Happy … Continued

Strategy to Lose Weight Without Eating Less

Do MORE instead of eating less to lose weight. And that doesn’t mean grueling workouts either. Simply walk more. Here are just a few benefits of walking: -Tames your sweet tooth -Lowers blood sugar -Improves weight management -Improves cognition & memory -Boosts immune function -Eases joint pain -Improves heart health -Increases creativity -Promotes stronger neural … Continued


Want to train smarter instead of harder? If you’re looking for exercise instruction, I’ve got just the thing for you. Let me send you 35+ instructional tutorials plus a ‘how to’ on creating your own workouts whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gym rat. As a bonus, I have my top 5 nutrition secrets … Continued

Reinvent Yourself – My Story

It’s never too late! Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself. I did! After a 20 year teaching career, I opened a fitness business in my 40s. I added digital fitness programming in my late 40s. I moved exclusively to online health, nutrition and fitness coaching in my 50s. Follow your passion! And if I can … Continued

Short on Time? 10 Min Bodyweight Workout

It’s FREQUENCY of exercise that’s more important than duration. You can always fit fitness in – if you lower the bar! You don’t always need an hour long session, sometimes just a few minutes will do. Here’s a 10 minute bodyweight workout that you can literally do beside your desk. Set your timer for 10 … Continued

Should You Count Calories to Lose Weight?

Should you count calories? In a study of 1700 participants, those that did some form of food tracking lost TWICE the weight. So before you totally dismiss food tracking, think again, because you don’t necessarily need to count calories. You may consider tracking protein and fiber because these are things that will keep you … Continued

Forget About Counting Calories to Lose Weight!

If calorie counting has got you down, forget about it! In this video I suggest a more effective food tracking solution, especially if you’re a menopausal woman. Make sure to check out some of the shorts on my channel! You’ll find all sorts of solutions to managing the challenges of menopause. And if you’d like … Continued

Do This to Lose Your Menopause Belly

What should you be doing to flatten your tummy or get rid of your muffin top? You can do ANY ab move and as long as your diet isn’t dialed in, your muffin top will remain firmly in place. Spot reduction isn’t possible. However, these two exercises will help STRENGTHEN your core to reduce back … Continued