5 Reasons You’re HUNGRY

If you’re starving, it may be because of: 1. Low protein intake – Protein is the most satiating food. 2. Low fiber intake – Fiber keeps you fuller longer. 3. Lack of sleep – Poor sleep triggers the ‘I’m hungry’ hormone ghrelin. 4. Liquid calories – Fluids pass through your digestion more quickly so while … Continued

Vacation Workout Formula

Not everyone wants to workout on holiday, do what feels good for YOU. I like to do short full body workouts on vacay and this is a great format. Do 5-10 rounds: 10 KB swings 5 pull up variation 10 push up variation 15 air squats There are so many ways to vary this workout. … Continued

New Year Resolution?

Rethink your plans for the New Year. And remember, you don’t need to wait for a New Year, new month, new week or even new day to start something new. You can start anytime. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start to see results. And if you need some support in starting, join my … Continued

No Time for Yourself?

It’s not selfish to care for yourself… After all, everyone is counting on you! You might be sandwiched between raising kids & caring for aging parents. Where does ‘me time’ fit in? If you don’t prioritize a bit of time for yourself, it won’t magically appear. It needs to take up space on your calendar … Continued

Why You Need to Lift Heavy Weights

Want to age well? Lift as ‘heavy’ as you can. Lifting ‘heavy’ is the foundation of youth. It will: Strengthen muscles so you can carry your groceries or grandkids and do all that you love. Help manage your weight because increased muscle results in overall increased calorie burn. Strengthen bones – so a fall won’t … Continued

What Was YOUR Sport?

Did you do sports as a kid? For me, it was swimming, but it was much more than sport… Swimming offered safety & validation during tumultuous years growing up. It shaped me into who I am today… It’s been 40 years & time for me to get back in the pool. Feels like coming home … Continued

Why You Need Muscle & How to Get It

Muscle mass can predict survival rate as we age. And, the QUALITY of your life depends on your muscle mass. Muscle is literally the fountain of youth and it becomes more important as you age. Sarcopenia (muscle wasting) is real. Srikanthan, P., & Karlamangla, A. S. (2014). Muscle mass index as a predictor of longevity … Continued

Can You Pass This Test?

Are you physically aging too quickly? This sit-to-rise test, developed in 1990, was supposed to be a predictor of longevity. The goal of the test is to get on & off the floor without touching hands to the floor or any other support. While the original study had some limitations, it’s still a good test … Continued

Knee Friendly Butt Lifting Workout

Sore knees? You can still get a leg friendly, butt lifting workout without aggravating your knees. Remember, You can’t spot reduce! But you can activate & strengthen your glutes & who doesn’t want a perky muscular bum? Do 30 seconds of each exercise: KB swings Single leg RDL weak side Single leg RDL strong strong … Continued

Don’t Exercise Alone!

Hate exercise? Don’t do it alone. You’re more likely to stick to it when you workout with a friend or a coach. Oka, R. K., King, A. C., & Young, D. R. (1995). Sources of social support as predictors of exercise adherence in women and men ages 50 to 65 years. Women’s health (Hillsdale, NJ), 1(2), 161-175. … Continued