How Does Fiber Help with Fat Loss?

Weight loss is easier when you’re not starving. Here’s how fiber can help:

Including 25g of fiber daily will fill you up AND…

* increase insulin sensitivity
* promote healthy digestion
* improve gut health
* (possibly) reduce depression
* reduce hot flashes by 20%
* reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes & breast cancer

Emerging science is showing that increased fiber can help reduce visceral fat. (To clarify, visceral fat is belly fat in the abdominal cavity that puts you at most risk for cardiovascular disease.) In a survey of 1114 individuals, those individuals who increased their intake of soluble dietary fiber had reduced visceral fat.

Are you getting enough fiber? This is the kind of thing that I follow up with you with during coaching. Whether weight loss is your goal or not, decreasing visceral fat storage and reducing cardiovascular risk is a big priority.

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PS. Here are some examples of high fiber foods: