Menopause: Your Defining Decade

This may be something you’d prefer not to think about…

But I think it’s important to be intentional now while we have choices.

If you choose NOT to move your body, there will come a time when you can’t.

Think about the older people in your life that are fit and active.

Do you think that happens by accident? Probably not.

These are the people that continue to do active things like gardening or shoveling the walk. Our older generation may not have had opportunity to participate in sports the way we have, but some of them do that too.

I remember when we put my Dad in a retirement home. After his stroke, we wanted him to have less responsibility and chores. In hindsight, he did better when he had more to do 🙁

It’s a fine balance of finding what level of activity is appropriate…

I’m of the mind that if you don’t move it, you’ll lose it.

That’s the sad reality.

And when you ‘lose it’, recovering any loss of functional movement gets more challenging over time.

Whatever you want to continue doing, whether that’s weightlifting or hiking or walking or gardening or whatever, keep doing it on the regular.

It gets harder to make a comeback if you stop.

As for me, I want to continue Olympic weightlifting, (even if I can barely lift the bar) and I want to be able to do some Crossfit gymnastic skills – because doing handstand walks in the old age home will be fun!

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