Fav Tool for Successful Fat Loss

What gets measured improves. Paying attention to what you put in your mouth can lead to more awareness and intentional eating. You don’t have to food track for the rest of your life, but it’s a great educational tool to help you change behaviour and improve your eating habits. If you need some support and … Continued

You Don’t HAVE to Food Log (5 Reasons It Helps)

You don’t have to food log to lose weight. But when you do, you’ll have a better idea of what’s working & what isn’t. You’ll be able to course correct more easily. You’ll have a built in accountability tool – because if you promise to log all that you eat, your mindless eating will be … Continued

Sick of Food Tracking? Do This

Food tracking is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. But it can get tedious. If you’re especially busy (hello Christmas!)… Or when you need a break, track one meal OR one macro (protein!) to keep your nutrition top of mind. This keeps the tracking habit going & nutrition is less likely to … Continued

Do THIS If You Hate Online Food Tracking

There’s no ‘ONE SIZE fits all’ where nutrition is concerned. Food tracking is helpful, because what gets tracked, improves. But food tracking can look different for different people. If online apps aren’t your thing, old school pen & paper or even picture taking meals also work. The win is actually in the ACCOUNTABILITY of tracking … Continued

3 Reasons You Should Food Track

If overspending is an issue, you create a budget. Food tracking creates awareness about eating, like a budget does creates awareness about spending. It’s a temporary tool that helps in these three ways: It helps you connect the dots between what you eat, how you feel and the results you get. It helps with accountability. … Continued

Food Tracking Hack

Food tracking can be inaccurate. But that’s not the REAL point! The big benefits of food tracking include increasing self accountability & intentionality around eating. Food labels can be up to 20% off – like in this example: the label assumes that the scoop holds 42g of product when in fact, it only holds 30g … Continued

Easy Weight Loss Hack

Food tracking increases awareness & intentionality but can be cumbersome. So here’s an easy option to food track. Use the free app ‘See How You Eat’. You take pics of meals & snacks & it’s organized daily. It’s this easy accountability that creates awareness & intention to your eating. And any habit that you can … Continued

Don’t Get Fat by Making the Mistake That I Did!

Learn from my mistakes! I cut carbs in an effort to get leaner and it actually backfired and I got fatter. The good news is that you can eat carbs and still get leaner when you do it right. My strong suggestion is to start to track your food using the free app: MyFitnessPal. There … Continued

Unusual Fat Loss Trick

It’s the small habits that create the biggest change over time… If you’re tired of dieting and upset that you exercise your butt off, but don’t ‘actually’ work your butt (or your belly fat) off, then food tracking is a solution worth considering. Studies show that food tracking is one of the most effective ways … Continued

Best Diet Hack Ever!

One of the BEST ways to improve your health is to food track because there’s an immediate & natural accountability & improvement in food quality when tracking. If you are SERIOUS about your goals, it’s best to get a personalized target so you have something to aim for. I can help you – just reach out! … Continued