Food Tracking Hack

Food tracking can be inaccurate.

But that’s not the REAL point!

The big benefits of food tracking include increasing self accountability & intentionality around eating.

Food labels can be up to 20% off – like in this example: the label assumes that the scoop holds 42g of product when in fact, it only holds 30g of product.

Don’t get discouraged by these small inaccuracies though.

The benefits of tracking far outweigh this issue.

The best practice is simply to do weigh the food, then manipulate your food tracking app to measure 1g of the food product, then multiply by the number of grams you have on the scale.

And even if you’re off, it’s not going to make a whole lot of difference long term.

If you promise yourself to weigh & measure everything you eat, it’s unlikely you’ll eat a whole sleeve of cookies after measuring one – and this is more important than if the calories are off by 20%.

I highly recommend food tracking if you’re looking to improve your health. If you need more direction, let’s talk: