Is it Even Menopause?

If you’re like most women in your 40’s or 50’s you’re probably blaming menopause for all kinds of things like: mid section weight gain  sleeplessness fatigue inability to lose weight hot flashes depression… In a nutshell, here are 5 tips to burn off your menopause belly: Get a physical. Eat fish oil. Lower stress levels. … Continued

Travel Tips for the Holidays!

Traveling this holiday season? Me too!   Here are my best tips to enjoy your travels and stay healthy!   1️⃣Stick to your regular sleep schedule. ➡️Lavender oil, cool room (67 F), wear eye shades   2️⃣Stick to your nutrition plan as much as you can – try for the 80/20 rule. 3️⃣Do NOT over-schedule … Continued

Improve Your Posture with This Quick Hack

What to do when you have no time to workout…AND improve your posture in no time flat👍🏻 😐 We live in a world of computer work, driving, looking at our phones… ➡️ All these things cause our shoulders to slouch and roll inward. This also causes tightness in the upper chest and loose and lax … Continued

Don’t Give Up!

You may just need to lower your standards a little…⬇️ Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy 😈 – please speak kindly to yourself and cut yourself a little slack when you’re not feeling 100%… ✳️Remember that your body is likely going thru some major changes (in your 40’s and 50’s) and you might feel a little … Continued

Best Laundry Detergent Ever

Would you still be happy with your detergent if you knew what was *REALLY* in it? According to the University of Washington, your laundry detergent releases banned cancer-causing chemicals that may be affecting the health of you and your family. On July 23rd, 2008, a study was performed. What they found is that 99% of … Continued

Weekend Routine – How Do I Avoid Sabotaging My Progress?

It’s the weekend! One of the most common issues with women I talk to is how to manage the weekend so that any progress through out the week isn’t sabotaged. The weekend can be a great break from your every day routine, but if maintaining your health is your goal, then it’s important to stick … Continued

10 Ways to De-Stress

Stress! What’s it doing to you? How can you de-stress? Cortisol the ‘belly fat storing hormone’ is increased when you’re under stress. I’m sure increased belly fat is NOT a useful way to handle stress for you as it once was. In the caveman days, increased belly fat was a survival mechanism because back then, … Continued

Is it Really Menopause?

Many times menopausal symptoms are confused with symptoms of other health issues. The good news is that you can ‘fix’ these issues and end some of the suffering! Insulin resistance Many women are suffering needlessly because a lot of menopausal symptoms are actually confused with insulin resistance. What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone produced … Continued

TOP Tips for Better Sleep

Getting the rest you need isn’t always easy. Sometimes your hormones make it difficult to get the shut eye required for your body to recover so you feel energized and ready to face your day. While you may not be in control of some of your age related hormone shifts that interrupt sleep, there are … Continued