Best Laundry Detergent Ever

Would you still be happy with your detergent if you knew what was *REALLY* in it?

According to the University of Washington, your laundry detergent releases banned cancer-causing chemicals that may be affecting the health of you and your family.

On July 23rd, 2008, a study was performed. What they found is that 99% of laundry detergents release cancer-causing chemicals that are legally hazardous and toxic by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Obviously these chemicals aren’t on the label. Ones that are major ingredients in pesticides. And others that imitate the hormone estrogen.

As if our hormones aren’t fluctuating enough, we don’t need a chemical source to mess with them more!

The fact is, the vast majority of store-bought detergents are filled with dangerous toxic chemicals that are known to cause us harm.

And the worst part is that cleaning product manufacturers are not required to provide a full list of ingredients.

Luckily, my friends at My Green Fills believe in transparency.

They believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between powerful, stain-fighting products and the health and safety of your household.


  • 100% naturally non-toxic ingredients keep your loved ones and household safe

  • Refillable jugs and recyclable refill pouches reduce unnecessary plastic waste.

  • Say goodbye to the laundry aisle – MGF delivers your favorite products straight to your door, on your schedule.

  • Easily modify your order, adjust your shipping date, or cancel your membership at any time. No fees, no fuss.

  • No artificial fragrances here – MGF is scented with organic essential oils.

  • They even offer unscented products for those for a 100% hypoallergenic experience.

  • They #PayLifeForward. Every item you buy provides laundry day for someone in need.

  • Their safe and incredibly powerful products cost just 16 cents per load versus 23 cents per load for Tide.