Can’t Sleep? 10 Tips

Can’t sleep? 😳 I get it!   Sleep disturbances can be a huge issue for women 40+   Here are ten tips to help you get some 😴💤   1. Prioritize exercise. Consistent exercise will increase your energy levels during the day, improve your mood and improve quality of sleep at night.   2. Make … Continued

Should I Do a Cleanse?

So many people ask me about whether or not it’s necessary to do a cleanse.   Why Should I Do a Cleanse? A cleanse helps de-stress the vital organs like digestive system and liver as well as provide supportive nutrients that are the building blocks of health. We’re exposed to toxins every day in food, … Continued

Hot Flash – What Can I Do??

Hot Flashes 😱 🔥 🔥 and what to do about them! What are hot flashes and how long will they last? ➡ Hot flashes can last 30 seconds to 5 minutes ➡ Interestingly enough, not all women experience them ➡ Not all flashes are of the same intensity ➡ Flashes can be as mild as a light blush or severe … Continued

Will Power Doesn’t Work – But THIS Does!

We all have the same amount of willpower. We call can decide what we want to do and what we don’t want to do. Unfortunately, where tough decisions are concerned, if we rely JUST on will power, we often will find ourselves in trouble. For example, if I were faced with a plate of freshly … Continued

Feeling Sick? Should I Workout?

Invariably everyone will succumb to the sniffles or the flu from time to time. If sickness strikes, what should you do? Many people ask me if it’s okay to train? Will working out help or hinder recovery. Here’s what I suggest… There’s a big difference between working out and active movement. To be clear, in … Continued

Is it Even Menopause?

If you’re like most women in your 40’s or 50’s you’re probably blaming menopause for all kinds of things like: mid section weight gain  sleeplessness fatigue inability to lose weight hot flashes depression… In a nutshell, here are 5 tips to burn off your menopause belly: Get a physical. Eat fish oil. Lower stress levels. … Continued

Travel Tips for the Holidays!

Traveling this holiday season? Me too!   Here are my best tips to enjoy your travels and stay healthy!   1️⃣Stick to your regular sleep schedule. ➡️Lavender oil, cool room (67 F), wear eye shades   2️⃣Stick to your nutrition plan as much as you can – try for the 80/20 rule. 3️⃣Do NOT over-schedule … Continued

Improve Your Posture with This Quick Hack

What to do when you have no time to workout…AND improve your posture in no time flat👍🏻 😐 We live in a world of computer work, driving, looking at our phones… ➡️ All these things cause our shoulders to slouch and roll inward. This also causes tightness in the upper chest and loose and lax … Continued

Don’t Give Up!

You may just need to lower your standards a little…⬇️ Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy 😈 – please speak kindly to yourself and cut yourself a little slack when you’re not feeling 100%… ✳️Remember that your body is likely going thru some major changes (in your 40’s and 50’s) and you might feel a little … Continued

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