On the Juice?

Question: I just purchased your challenge workout series and was wondering if you could help me. How do I go about using this series as my primary workout? in the past I have kept in shape by doing fitness videos but have never been able to achieve my fitness goals and I am getting frustrated! … Continued

Q n A Oct 11, 2013

Question: How do you recommend finding a way to deep breath when you’re try to keep your stomach tight?  I’ve always found that difficult.  Let’s say you’re doing renegade rows and keeping your form tight (abs tight) – then how do you keep deep breathing at the same time?  I often find I struggle with … Continued

Burpee Q n A Oct 7/13

Question: Any suggestions for shoes when jumping rope? I used to love it but now that I’m on my feet 12 hours a day my feet aren’t as thrilled with it anymore. Thanks. Susan Answer: Susan I suggest a cross-trainer or aerobic dance shoe for rope jumping. Most of the impact falls on the ball … Continued

Q n A Sept 13th, 2013

Question: Shawna, I had to scale back as I do now with any program that relies on a lot of squats, step ups, lunges etc. due to a very bad knee. I love to do them, love the burn, not the pain in the knee, and the results. I ice my knee down after each … Continued

Size Matters

Question: Shawna you had a sizing chart for getting the right length of jump rope, where would I find that again? Sue Answer: Your jump rope success depends on your jump rope so getting the right size is really important. If your rope is too short, you’ll have to jump too high and you won’t … Continued

What’s the BIG Deal? TT 2.0

Turbulence Training is a big deal, but it’s about to get bigger… Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely heard of the ‘Godfather of Fitness’ Craig Ballantyne. He’s my business coach but also a fitness mentor to me too. On the 10 year anniversary of his ground breaking Turbulence Training program, he’s revamped and … Continued

Q n A Aug 30th – Sprinting?

Question: I’m struggling no matter what I do I can not seem to lose this belly. My glutes are getting there little by little but my abs haven’t changed at all. I already eat clean, I workout 6 days a week and constantly challenge myself. Currently the only thing really lacking from my workouts is … Continued

Q n A Aug 23th

Question: Shawna, I’m old too, 54 to be exact, but thanks to regular exercise (started when I was almost 52!), I’m leaner and stronger than ever before. At this time, I do bodybuilding 3 times a week (Pyramids, 9-7-5 routine, followed by an eccentric 6-second finisher to failure). On my ‘rest’ days, I follow your … Continued

What’s YOUR Workout Excuse?

      This week I’m asking YOU a question: What’s YOUR workout excuse? I have to wash my hair… My workout clothes are in the wash… I stubbed my toe… I have to go to work…. I don’t have time…. My dog ate my workout plan…. It’s too hot…. It’s too cold… It’s a … Continued

Trust Other Trainers? Read This.

I had a good question the other day that was so important I decided that I better write a blog post for you. Here’s the question… “Shawna, I love your workouts, thanks for all your great ideas. My question is how do I incorporate other people’s programs into my training? You’re always sending us information … Continued