Travel Tips for the Holidays!

Traveling this holiday season? Me too!

Here are my best tips to enjoy your travels and stay healthy!
1️⃣Stick to your regular sleep schedule.
➡️Lavender oil, cool room (67 F), wear eye shades
2️⃣Stick to your nutrition plan as much as you can – try for the 80/20 rule.
3️⃣Do NOT over-schedule yourself.
4️⃣Plan on stepping IN to holiday mode to feel more rested – get things organized at home so you can relax away.
5️⃣Wash your hands, keep your hands off your face and out of your nose 😉 Who wants to get someone’s cold?
6️⃣Plan ahead – Look at your events/activities and pack accordingly. Plan your work as far ahead as possible so that you’re not stressed upon your return.
7️⃣Pack your positive attitude.
Want something to read on the plane?
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