Weekend Routine – How Do I Avoid Sabotaging My Progress?

It’s the weekend!

One of the most common issues with women I talk to is how to manage the weekend so that any progress through out the week isn’t sabotaged.

The weekend can be a great break from your every day routine, but if maintaining your health is your goal, then it’s important to stick to a few principles.

TOMA is the answer. What I mean by this is ‘top of mind awareness’ or keeping your health front and center.


Here are 5 tips to keep you healthy and headed towards your goals:

Bedtime – This will sound like NO FUN, but if you want to maintain your energy, keeping as close to regular hours is really helpful, especially if you struggle with sleep during the week.

Move – Hopefully you’ll have a little more time during the weekend, so planning a workout will help keep you on track with your goals. Usually if you’ve sweated bullets you’ll be less likely to want to sabotage that effort with unhealthy eating.

Eat! – Planning your meals is essential, even if it sounds like the ‘same old, same old’ routine. Your routine can be different, but a plan is still necessary. Will you have a treat meal on the weekend? What meal will it be? If you’re not careful, sometimes every meal may be a treat meal. Often our schedules are a bit off so maybe you’ll plan on a brunch, early afternoon snack and then dinner. Plan your meals and snacks according to your activities, make sure you’re ‘never starving and never stuffed’ and you’ll stay on track.

Prepare – Are you traveling? Are you out and about? Planning your schedule, even just a little is key. When will you fit your workout in? Packing snacks will prevent you from being tempted with unhealthy food.

Fun! – Taking a break from your regular routine is what weekends are all about right? It’s great to have something to look forward to on the weekend and a having something fun on your schedule can be very energizing.Self care is important, so hopefully on the weekend you’ll have a bit of time to get out in nature, see a loved one, feed your soul.

Although my tips may not seem earth shattering, these simple things will keep you moving towards your goals. They are somewhat ‘common sense’ but common sense seems to go out the window on Friday night as regret enters on Monday morning.

If you’d like more tips on how to stay the course, especially if you’re over 40, get my free book: Lose Your Menopause Belly.