10 Ways to De-Stress

Stress! What’s it doing to you? How can you de-stress?

Cortisol the ‘belly fat storing hormone’ is increased when you’re under stress.

I’m sure increased belly fat is NOT a useful way to handle stress for you as it once was. In the caveman days, increased belly fat was a survival mechanism because back then, stress included things like famine and being chased by a saber toothed tiger – not things we need to bother with nowadays. So even though our body is trying to keep us alive, this stress reaction isn’t very helpful.

What strategies can you incorporate into your life to help? Try some of these…

Exercise – Seriously, you can’t believe that this wouldn’t be top on my list. This is one of the most effective and healthiest ways to deal with any kind of stress. Get moving, do something that you enjoy, do it daily.

Network – Reach out to family and friends to develop meaningful relationships. Stay in touch, even when you feel the most stressed. (Get on the FB page! It really helps!)

Give a hand – Sometimes the best way to help your self feel better is to help someone else. Small gestures can make a big difference.

Powerful words – Develop positive self talk or a mantra to make your self the ‘little engine that could’. Find something meaningful to you and keep it in your mind’s eye, especially when you feel the pot boiling.

Rest up – Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep and almost everyone gets over tired. Stress can seem insurmountable under these conditions, so try to get your zzz’s on a regular basis. You can’t stock pile sleep, so sleeping in on your day off doesn’t always count.

Yuk it up – Have a laugh, or plan something fun. Even if you’re under a time line, sometimes by taking a break or having something to look forward to, it gives you renewed strength and energy. So take a break, have some fun and then get back into the thick of things.

70% is good enough – Accept imperfection for some things. Be realistic, don’t purposely set the bar low, do your best, but then accept your best even if it’s not perfect.

Write it down – Journaling is magical for some. It helps put thoughts in order and things in perspective.

Get organized – De-stress your mind and de-clutter your life. By getting organized you can save time too.

Say ‘no’ – Don’t over plan your life and prioritize what’s important to you. This may mean saying no to some things like volunteering, social invitations, work commitments.

Hope you can find a few tips to help you reduce your overall stress and improve your quality of life!

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