Weight Loss Success Tips

Small changes are key to lasting change. If you try to change too much too soon, you’re more likely to fail and fall back into old routines. Consider these small changes to slowly change your health over time. Go here for more healthy habit changes to overcome menopausal symptoms: https://shawnak.com/freebook/

3 Tips to Beat Mindless Evening Eating

Sabotage your day with mindless evening eating? Are you hungry or is it habit? By asking yourself how hungry you are, you can dig a little deeper to find what the problem may be & come up with alternative solutions. If you’re REALLY hungry, you need to INCREASE your daily calories & possibly the protein … Continued

Hack to Stop Overeating

Did you know that it takes 20 min for your belly to tell your brain that it’s full? An easy hack to get in tune with your body then is to simply SLOW DOWN when you’re eating. Sometimes you may overeat just because you’ve taken in too much food in too short a time. You’re … Continued

Menopause Motivation Hack

Change happens when you feel good. Celebrate. Find all the small wins along the way. And celebrate often. Menopause offers all kinds of challenges… But you’re more likely to stay motivated & keep going when you’re feeling good about the process. Happy to help! If menopause has got you down, let’s talk about small changes … Continued

Cravings Got You Like…

Do you have voices in your head too? The best way to combat them is to avoid starvation diets in the first place. Getting too hungry leads to binge eating. If that voice keeps tempting you, take 5 minutes. Sometimes you’re not even hungry. Often you may eat because you’re angry, lonely, tired or stressed. … Continued

Tip to Reaching Your Fitness Goal

Feeling frustrated that you haven’t achieved your fitness goals? Instead of focusing on where you want to be… Focus on the baby steps each day to get there. Get a coach to guide you. And you’ll achieve more than you can imagine. I can help! (Just like my awesome physiotherapist, Juhi, helped me!). Even tho … Continued

Lesson From My Hospital Bed

I just had hip replacement surgery & it got me thinking… Are you putting off self care? Like eating well or exercising? I can tell you that I’m grateful for my healthy lifestyle (even tho i wore out my hips from lots of movement) Because recovery is going to be a breeze. You never think … Continued

Hack to Overcome Temptation

Try this strategy when temptation hits. What’s YOUR best strategy to overcome temptation from your guilty pleasure? If you need more support or tips to overcome your guilty pleasures where health/fitness are concerned, let me help. Let’s talk: https://tinyurl.com/talktoshawna

Trick to Overcome Temptation

Temptation is the universe’s way of helping you make a better choice. Putting some time & space between you & your choice helps you act with more intention. Every time you make a healthy choice, it makes dealing with temptation a little easier the next time… Build up your wins! If you need more support … Continued