No Motivation in Menopause? Try These Easy Strategies

Motivation can hit an all time low in menopause particularly.

But you need to remember that motivation comes and goes, these three tips will help you keep moving towards your goals.

  • Motivation follows ACTION, so you’ve got to get going, whether you feel like it or not.

Mel Robbins, award winning author of ‘The Five Second Rule’, writes that you have 5 seconds to take action before your mind starts to find excuses. So when you KNOW you should be doing something, just ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1…and go’ before an excuse pops into your head.

  • Celebrate small wins.

You will feel more motivated when you feel successful. So even on your worst day, find something to celebrate and keep moving ahead. At the end of the day, WRITE DOWN one win, something you’re proud of yourself for.

This also builds confidence. The more times your actions are consistent with your goals, the easier it gets to continue on your healthy path. It’s just like building a muscle, you need to put in the reps and then recognize when you’ve done the work..

  • Start small.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with doing too much at once, you’ll just end up giving up. At the start of a day, set an intention of what you’ll focus on. Pick ONE thing. If you end up doing more, fantastic, but make sure you don’t drop the ball on the ONE thing you’ve set out to do.

This strategy came about from a conversation with a client that was looking for tips for motivation. I will continue to follow up with her on what her daily intention and win are. This will further reinforce the helpful behaviors needed to reach her goals.

If you’d like someone in your corner, to help you with strategies and ACCOUNTABILITY to stay the course towards your goals, let’s talk: