Weight Loss, the Laws of Nature & Menopause


Are you frustrated with what seems like NO progress with your fat loss journey in menopause?

Guess what?

When you give your body what it needs in terms of nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction – good things will happen – EVEN in menopause.

Just like you may wonder if spring is ever going to come (especially if you live in Canada!), trust that the laws of nature will stand.

Just like spring will come, fat loss will happen.

Obviously you need to be armed with the right information.

But, it’s nothing magical – it’s finding a sustainable way to create a calorie deficit.

  • Eating plenty of protein & fiber helps.
  • Appropriate exercise helps.
  • Getting adequate sleep & reducing stress helps.

These are NOT sexy things – they are simple but difficult to stick to on your own.

If want someone in your corner, I’m here to provide guidance & accountability so you don’t feel so alone.

Let’s talk: https://tinyurl.com/talktoshawna