⏳Time: What’s your relationship with it like?⌛ ➡Have you ever considered this question? Most people when asked say things like: ❌I never have enough time. ❌I’m so busy. ❌Where did the time go? ❌My time is so tight. So, since many of us are time poor, you’d think that we’d want to maximize the time … Continued

How To Become a Better Decision Maker

Decide! Here’s a skill I’m being more conscious of applying on the daily: 🤔Decision making This is something that many of us have a pat answer for…. ‘whatever you want’  ‘I’m fine with what you decide’ Look, being wishy washy will NOT get you the things you need in life. You may think you’re being … Continued

Ways I Let My Mom Down…How It Applies to YOU

Have you ever let anyone down?   Especially someone close to you?   Me too…   Sorry for the emotion in this video, but I feel very strongly about my mission to help YOU improve your health.  You see, my Mom passed away 4 years ago. She struggled with many things related to menopause. I … Continued

Fat Loss Starts Between the Ears First

Did you know that weight loss starts from the neck up? That’s correct. Once you get your mind set straight, weight loss becomes easier. Even if you WANT to lose weight, but you don’t BELIEVE it’s possible, you’ll find ways to secretly sabotage your efforts. Your results will be a self fulfilling prophecy – you … Continued

One Degree Change…

212 212 is the degrees Fahrenheit that water boils, but that’s not the main point. The main point is it that DOES NOT boil at 211 degrees. At 211 degrees water is simply very hot water. But when it increases to 212 degrees, just a one degree change the entire structure of the water changes … Continued

When to Make a Decision

Have you ever planned to ‘go on a diet’ or ‘start exercising’ (or insert plan here) on Monday? Or any other future date? Well guess what? You can’t make a decision for the future, you can only make a decision for today. A decision for the future is only a wish or consideration. Nothing ever … Continued

Low Energy Day? What to Do…

Look, it’s not realistic to think that we can leap over tall buildings every day, there are going to be those days when you’re dragging your behind a little.   When I get tired or overwhelmed, I used to tend to beat myself up for silly things, but no more!   Here are my strategies … Continued

Programming Fat Loss  From the Neck Up…

Want a different approach to fat loss? Albert Einstein said: Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is NOT philosophy, it’s physics.  It’s important then to up level our thinking. To be healthy, it’s more than … Continued

Simple Fat Loss Strategy

Are you at your wits end where your health is concerned? I know that many get discouraged by setbacks in your health journey. Illness strikes, bad weather hits, house renovations disrupt your life, the gym closes, the basement floods, company arrives and never leaves…on and on… There’s no shortage of things that can get in … Continued

Self Image and Your Health Goals

How do you see yourself?   Self image is key to health. If you see yourself as fit and healthy, you’re more likely to be that way and maintain that state.   If you’ve constantly been a yo-yo dieter, or have enjoyed good health and then fall off the wagon for months (years) at a … Continued