The Cost of NOT Investing in Your Health

Being unhealthy is expensive. Never mind the costs of buying bigger clothes & potential medical costs as you age. Can you put a price on feeling good in your own skin? Your health is one thing you can’t buy back & you may not even notice slipping away until it declines. As I approach, 60 … Continued

Stop Dieting

Forget the ‘get skinny quick’ schemes. Fast weight loss leads to fast weight gain. Sustainable FAT loss takes time. When you’re ready to lose the fat for good (even in menopause) & enjoy the process along the way… I’m here for you Enroll in my Nutrition Academy to start working together OR let’s talk here: … Continued

Reason for Exercise

Exercise isn’t to burn calories. It’s so you can do all the fun things in life. Whatever that is for you. A daily habit of movement ensures you’ll be able to do more. Period. For me, this was another memorable day in the beautiful mountains with the best of people. If you need some support … Continued

News Got You Down?

Discouraged with all that’s going on in the world? Now is not the time to quit on self care! The mood enhancing benefits of exercise & brain fog clearing ability of healthy eating are needed more than ever in this crazy world. Although these things may seem trivial in light of the serious state of … Continued

World News Got You Down?

World news has been especially bad lately. Like we need WWlll after a global pandemic. It all can be overwhelming & make your nutrition & fitness efforts feel futile. Like why even bother?? But don’t give up. In addition to other health benefits, exercise is a natural mood enhancer, that’s reason enough to get off … Continued

Try THIS If You Hate the Scale

Try this if you hate the scale! Use a measuring tape, if you want to assess weight loss progress without the scale. This works especially well if you’re also resistance training. You may be gaining a bit of muscle & losing a bit of fat so your weight seems to stay the same. But ‘body … Continued

Running Out of Time?

Feel like you’re running out of time? Feel like your best times (and health) are in the past? It doesn’t have to be. Focus on the present & don’t be fooled into thinking that you can work on your health ‘later’. Your ‘tomorrow’s’ are limited. We all have an expiration date. Make the most of … Continued

No Time For You?

No time for you? You might be sandwiched between raising kids & caring for aging parents. Where does ‘me time’ fit in? If you don’t prioritize a bit of time for yourself, it won’t magically appear. It needs to take up space on your calendar like any other important appointment. It’s not selfish to care … Continued

Are You Setting the Wrong Goal?

You’re setting the wrong goal. Instead of a weight loss (outcome goal), set up actions or habits (process goals). It’s your habits that will make the weight loss happen. So when you check off things like exercise 3-4x week, 8 hours sleep, leaving work at 5pm, drinking half your body weight in water and protein … Continued