Unusual Way To Get Motivated?

One of the best ways to make a dramatic improvement in your body and your fitness level is to take a hard look at where you currently stand.

If you’re not happy, the key to your success is to be deeply disturbed with your current shape.

Why are you still living life in your “before” body?

Here’s how to get the ‘after’ body you want:

Step One: Feel Disturbed
Emotion creates motion.

Get your emotions stirred up.

Make a list of all the reasons that you’re ready to lose fat and get fit.
Get disturbed:

  • Go shopping for a swim suit
  • Try on all of your “skinny” clothes
  • Look at old pictures from when you were in better shape
  • Go to the doctor for a physical

Step Two: Decide What You Want
Without clarity you’ll never get where you want to go.

Do you want to drop 10 lbs? Would you like to lose 3 inches from your waist? Is your ultimate goal to go from a size 14 to a size 8?

Get a clear picture in your mind of what you’ll look like in your “after” picture. the more specific the better.

Step Three: Take Action
The time spent between your inspiration (now) and taking action determines whether you will succeed or fail. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck between inspiration and action.

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PS. I’m not here to shame you, my purpose with this email is to inspire you to action if you’re not living in the body you want.