The Truth about the ‘Shawna 24/7’ Coaching Program

I love helping my coaching clients. I find it immensely satisfying to be able to be part of a lifestyle transformation. My clients do all the work, but the seem to give me the credit. Seems like a good gig to me! I thought I’d share the answers from my coaching client, Sara. These are … Continued

Fashion Flash

It’s Fashion Flash Monday and I’m bringing you tips on fashion, fitness and lifestyle from the best bloggers on the internet.   Check it out here:   Are you suffering from perimenopausal depression? Read my interview with leading women’s health expert, Dr. Wendy Klein, co-author of The Menopause Makeover.   Nailpolish as good as … Continued

Halloween Fashion Flash

  Happy Halloween everyone!   Take a look at what my friendly bloggers over 40 have to offer this week. Can you wear vintage after 40 without looking like an old lady? Find out what the Glam Gals think at Fabulous After 40. Happy Halloween!  Sugar can leave a sour taste in your mouth when it … Continued

Do You Practice Healthy Habits?

We’re creatures of habit whether we care to admit it or not, and developing healthy habits is actually easier than you may think. It’s all about awareness.     Even the most spontaneous of people tend to have similar ways of doing things whether they’re healthy habits or not. I tend to be one of … Continued

Fashion Flash

  Here are lot’s of great style, beauty and health tips from my favorite bloggers. Check it out here. Lights, mirrors, action! Learn how to create the best space for making up your face on FabOverFifty, this week. What we put in our bodies is in many ways more important than what we put on.  Ole … Continued

How is Change Possible? Positive Thinking

‘Positive thinking’, is it just a cliché? Overdone and over used? I’m actually ALL about positive thinking and I don’t care what anyone says, if it’s over done or over used, it works. Life is all about perspective and what you bring to the table.   I’d like to think I’m a master at making … Continued

Fashion Flash

I’m hosting the Fashion Flash this week. These ladies have awesome blogs and content, so be sure to check them out…   From binding to bullet to buxom — view a slideshow on and discover how bras have changed over the past century.   Plus size wraps is an on trend item which makes … Continued

Fashion Flash

As always, I have some great stuff for you from my favorite bloggers: check out this link to get to each blog. Here are the highlights…   Are you a cardio junkie when you exercise? Here are some facts from fitness and fat loss over 40 expert, (ME!), that should change that.   The weather … Continued

Vanity: Not Necessarily All Bad

I’ll start my ‘diet’ on Monday…have you ever said this? Have you ever put something off till tomorrow that you should really get moving on right now?   Sadly, fitness and fat loss goals are often victim to procrastination. I may be guilty of many bad habits, but this is one that I’ve managed to … Continued

Success Story – Sonia

95 Pounds is a lot! Once I picked 95 lbs up, I put it down right away because I couldn’t hold it long. Imagine carrying that weight on your body, and then literally just ‘putting that weight down’. That’s what my client, Sonia did. Meet Sonia.

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