Fashion Flash

I can always count on  our bloggers to offer up to the minute  fashion, beauty and health advice.  This week I was super impressed on the  thought and insights of my fellow Fashion Flashers. Check it out here: Here’s what you’ll find: * Black Cat Plus asks  if we should eliminate the term plus size … Continued

From Couch Potato to Tri-athlete

Are you feeling like a couch potato? Feeling like you have no hope for feeling good in your own skin? Here’s one of my client’s story. I’ll bet you can relate. She’s a great example of someone who just made the decision to get fit and get her body back. I’m so proud to have … Continued

Train at Home Wonder – Judy Hill

Sometimes you have friends that become clients and sometimes clients become friends. Then there are ghosts that come from your past to surprise you. Judy Hill is one of those ghosts… I actually went to Junior High and High School with Judy and we were in the same circle of friends for years. Imagine my … Continued

Fashion Flash

Every Monday I  share with you  cutting edge topics with a Fashion Flash group of bloggers. But who are all these experts? Check them out here: Make up/ Beauty  Expert, Kari  from Fab Over Forty : Check out her topic that asks the question, as you age does it seem  like your hair loses its … Continued

I Love Me

I look in the mirror and sometimes lament my age. That is, at times I see years on my face and I feel my age in my knees. The desire to go back to my former self, say 20 years ago can be a temptation. As much as I’d like knees that were under the … Continued

Fashion Flash

Check out the Fashion Flash for this week: You’ll see the latest in beauty, fashion, exercise and more.   So lets get started… Shawna K (me!) from Female Fat Loss Over 40 shares her story:  Lessons Learned Under Water.  How can this help you reach your fitness goals?  Check it out. This week’s post from Black … Continued

Calling All Members…

Hey! I need some feedback from you regarding our membership site. My plans are to start to add video workouts that you can follow along at home. I have so many of you that contact me and say that you wished you could train with me. My plan is to take video of circuits and … Continued

Stage Ready

Do you want a real challenge? Have you ever thought of doing a fitness or figure show? I’m not telling you that this is something you SHOULD do, but I AM saying that you’ll learn more about your body and yourself by doing so. A word of advice: if you’re just starting out with resistance … Continued

Fashion Flash

The Menopause Makeover has some great stuff! If it hasn’t happened yet, it soon will – that anxious moment when you must decide what to wear to high school  reunion! Find out how to WOW them all with a real life example from The Glam Gals at Fabulous after 40. Are you ‘just average’? Female … Continued

Lessons Learned Under Water

I’ve had a variety of careers that have led to this one. You may never have guessed that some of my most profound lessons were learned underwater. Let me explain… My first career started at the age of six. It would span twelve years and it involved Green hair and a lot of water… I … Continued