ADD Instead of Takeaway

Want to lose weight more easily? Change your mindset about weight loss. Think of what you can ADD vs takeaway. ADDING these things will make a huge difference in how you look & feel. -25g fiber per day (that’s a LOT of food!) -Resistance training -More sunshine More steps More sleep I cover all this … Continued

How to Take a Mental Break

When you move your body you’re not worried about things like… taxes making dinner work who’s driving whom to where Or any number of life’s mundane decisions you need to make… Physical activity gives your mind a break so you can think more clearly when it’s time to make decisions. What are YOU doing to … Continued

Hate Parts of Your Body?

Hate parts of your body? Don’t worry, we all have parts of our body we hate. Instead of focusing on aesthetic- how you look – goals. Consider focusing on performance- what you can do – goals. You’ll likely see measurable progress more easily & have more fun! Let me help! Let’s talk:

It’s Ok to Be a Beginner

I asked myself why, at 59, would I take up mountain biking? I don’t like speed. I’ve never cycled much before. Then I asked myself ‘why wouldn’t I?’ I mean, ‘What do I have to lose?’ Is there something you want to do but you’re afraid? My advice is to ‘do it scared’. I’m certainly … Continued

It’s Ok to Be Afraid

You can’t be brave if you’re not afraid… And it’s okay to be afraid as long as you don’t let the fear stop you. You become courageous by leaning into the things that scare you most. Have you done anything scary lately? Honestly, heights aren’t scary for me, but put me on a mountain bike … Continued

Need Motivation?

Need motivation? I can help you get started in my 6 week Menopause Makeover Challenge. Go here for more info: Because you can’t wait to ‘feel’ motivated. Motivation comes & goes. Thinking or planning won’t bring it about. Action brings motivation. Just start. Happy to help!

Does Your Weight Fluctuate?

Don’t worry, it’s normal. Weight loss takes time, no need to simply slash calories at the sign of stalled progress. Stay consistent. Watch the trend, as long as weight is trending downwards ever so slightly, you’re on the right path. If or when it stays the same or goes up for 2 week or more, now … Continued

What Habits Matter Most?

Relax on holiday. Eat cake on your birthday. Enjoy life. Because it’s not what you do SOME of the time… It’s what you do MOST of the time that affects your health. Your daily habits matter most. If you want to upgrade your daily habits, and if you want to know what habits will bring … Continued

Why Be Fit?

What adventures have you had lately? The reason to get and stay fit is to keep your future wide open to possibilities and to continue to do all the things you love. I’d never do fun new things like scooter on a busy downtown street or cycle in Europe if I weren’t confident in my … Continued

Trust Yourself

Trust yourself. You’ve lived in your body for decades. Listen to what your body tells you. You’ll know all the answers when you pay attention to the clues it gives you. Admittedly, I didn’t listen ‘exactly’ to doctor’s orders after my umbilical hernia surgery. This little workout was 6 weeks post op and likely more … Continued