Brilliant Weight Loss Idea

‘Thin’ doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Weight loss can be achieved but at the cost of overall health. You may solve one problem and create another in the process. Current diet culture puts the focus on aesthetics. Strength, functionality & health are sadly overlooked. Focus on health FIRST, the weight will take care of itself. Let … Continued

Training Partner Truth

Sometimes you drag your partner… Other times your partner drags you thru the workout… Libby is often the drag-ee, (especially if she has the choice to lay in the sun)… But all those workouts & walks add up, even if they’re short! If you’d like me to be your training partner, I’m happy to take … Continued

Choose Your Hard

If you think that exercise or healthy eating are hard… Have you considered the pain of being uncomfortable in an unhealthy body? Have you considered how your health will deteriorate over time if you don’t take care of it now? Something to think about… Here to help. Let’s talk:

Start Small

Start small -Add more steps to your day -Drink more water -Increase your protein intake -Get more sleep -Say ‘no’ more often Pick ONE. Then add to it… Don’t do too much too soon. When you’re willing to take baby steps, you end up further along than you could’ve imagined. What small step are you … Continued

Calling Your Younger Metabolism

In menopause, your younger metabolism just isn’t picking up. Declining hormones have added a challenge to weight loss, but you can still do it. You’re older & wiser in your 50’s (and beyond), so don’t fall for dumb fad diets. Don’t expect overnight results from a pill, powder or potion or by starving yourself. Work … Continued

How to Handle a Setback

Blow your diet? Miss a workout? You only fail when you quit. ‘Fail small’ – after a setback, just get on track, get up, try again, keep going. So if you blew your nutrition at lunch, make your next meal on track. If you missed a workout (or several), just start again. The good news … Continued

Rules to Successful Aging

Age is simply a number. It’s never too late to try something new or to keep doing what you love. The moment you go sit on the couch is when the fun stops. If you need help feeling like your ‘old self’, I gotchu! Let’s talk:

Menopause Blues?

Hormonal changes in menopause can cause mood fluctuations. Consider your moods a little like the weather. Some days are sunnier than others. When clouds (wind, rain, hail, snow!) come, just let them pass without too much despair. Remember that blue sky & sunshine will return again. In the meantime, these things may help improve your … Continued

It’s Never Too Late to Start

I’m late to the game… . I started Olympic weightlifting in my late 50’s… . I had hip replacement surgery just after I started (Olympic lifting was NOT the cause of my ole lady hip)… . My coach helped me rehab & get back at it… . I’m lifting similar weights pain-free now… . Yes, … Continued

Give up Hoping

Stop hoping to lose weight. Optimism is fine, but it’s ACTION that’s needed. Don’t think too far ahead, just stay on track: One day One meal One snack One workout at a time… You can do it, I can help, let’s talk: