No Motivation in Menopause? Try These Easy Strategies

Motivation can hit an all time low in menopause particularly. But you need to remember that motivation comes and goes, these three tips will help you keep moving towards your goals. Motivation follows ACTION, so you’ve got to get going, whether you feel like it or not. Mel Robbins, award winning author of ‘The Five … Continued

Weight Loss Reality in Menopause

That inner voice is killing your results. It’s the reason you feel like giving up. It’s got unrealistic expectations. REALISTIC fat loss is ONE HALF POUND per week, but NOT EVERY WEEK. Know that weight loss is NEVER linear. Your weight will bounce around – check out other posts for other videos explaining all the … Continued

The BEST Transformation

Who doesn’t love a physical transformation? But lasting change comes from mental shifts. Like understanding that small habit changes add up. And that patience & consistency lead to results. Or that ALL foods are fine in moderation. Celebrate those top down mind shift changes because they will lead to lasting physical transformation. Want to shift … Continued

How to Manage Weight Loss Expectations During Menopause

No one counts this as a big WIN… Did you stay the same weight over covid? Or when you renovated your kitchen? Or when (insert stressful situation here)?… No one counts weight maintenance as a win. But speak to anyone who put on the ‘covid15’ and they would disagree! So instead of beating yourself up … Continued

Unusual Way To Get Motivated?

One of the best ways to make a dramatic improvement in your body and your fitness level is to take a hard look at where you currently stand. If you’re not happy, the key to your success is to be deeply disturbed with your current shape. Why are you still living life in your “before” … Continued

Menopause: What Will You Do With the Time You Have Left?

Would you do things differently if you knew you only had 24 birthdays or Christmas’s or summers left? Have you reverse engineered how much time you have left? It puts things in perspective. The average lifespan for women in Canada is 83.9. I’m going to make the most of my time left. I hope … Continued

Weight Loss, the Laws of Nature & Menopause

  Are you frustrated with what seems like NO progress with your fat loss journey in menopause? Guess what? When you give your body what it needs in terms of nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction – good things will happen – EVEN in menopause. Just like you may wonder if spring is ever going … Continued

Your Weight Doesn’t Matter in Menopause

Here’s a case for daily weighing in menopause… As an analogy, imagine if you wanted to improve your finances, you’d have to look at the amount of money going in and out of your account. The same with body weight… You need to see the trends, not get too hyper focused on daily weight. What … Continued

Need Motivation? Try This…

Don’t wait to ‘feel’ motivated. Feelings come and go. You must take action first. Action, no matter how small, leads to motivation. As soon as you THINK of doing something that will bring you closer to your goals: Going for a walk Drinking more water Food prepping Getting to bed early Whatever! Do it within … Continued

The Scale: Friend or Foe in Menopause?

Want to avoid disappointment when you get on the bathroom scale? BEFORE getting on it, make a mental note of a few of the NON-SCALE VICTORIES you’re seeing from your healthy lifestyle. Maybe you’re feeling stronger or your clothes are fitting better, maybe you’re sleeping more soundly. When if you get on the scale and … Continued