Tough Love Weight Loss Question

Stop being so hard on yourself… If you’re a healthy human with a little extra weight, focus on all the healthiness & not the extra weight. Your life won’t be DRAMATICALLY different a few pounds lighter. Yes, there can be an improvement, but if you’re miserable now, you may not be able to fully appreciate … Continued

How NOT to Celebrate Your Weight Loss Win

Change happens when we feel good! It keeps you motivated and ‘on the path’. That’s why celebrating small wins on your health journey is important. Too often you can tell yourself: I deserve this [insert guilty pleasure]. So you can sabotage results with the wrong kind of celebrations. Consider non-food celebrations. Treat yourself to something … Continued

Menopause: Losing Your Mind? 3 Tips

Forgot your keys again? Or why you came into a room? Forgot your co-workers name? Brain fog is real & a frustrating symptom of menopause for some women. 60% of middle-aged women report difficulty concentrating with memory issues spiking in peri-menopause. Research suggests that foggy thinking can be related to fluctuating hormones, but the good … Continued

Wanna Lose Your Menopause Belly? Avoid Doing This

Do the ‘one change challenge’ instead of trying to do too much too soon. Pick one thing to change this week… •Drink more water •Get to bed earlier •Add more protein to your meals •Start to move more •Say ‘No!’ more Transformation will come more slowly, but you’ll feel less overwhelm & changes are easier … Continued

Eat in Hiding?

Guilt & shame are often associated with food & this can lead to weight gain. If you experience a lot of guilt with your eating habits, trying an intuitive approach to eating may help more than just your mindset Here are 6 tips to be a more mindful eater… Honor your hunger – Feed your … Continued

Do THIS When You Feel Lazy

Don’t wait to ‘feel motivated’ to move. Just move anyways, do something. Even fit people feel lazy & just want to watch Netflix all day – they just choose not to. Promise yourself to move for 10 minutes. Usually you’ll feel better & finish your workout. But even if you don’t, at least you’ll have … Continued

3 Tips to Lift Your Mood

Feeling down? You can actually change your brain chemistry with these simple tips: 1. Exercise increases natural mood lifting endorphins so get moving. 2. Exposure to sunlight increases the mood boosting hormone serotonin so get outside. 3. McGill University found that upbeat music increases the happy hormones serotonin & dopamine in your brain. Action relieves … Continued

3 ‘Must Have’s’ to Lose Fat

Fat loss is a simple concept once you grasp these three principles. Too often we get caught up in tiny details that don’t really matter. Just create a calorie deficit, find something sustainable & fill up on protein so that you maintain your muscle & don’t want to eat your fist! There are very different … Continued

The Simplest Fat Loss Tip

One degree of change will change the course of your life. Think of a cruise ship, if the captain has the ship one degree off course, it will completely miss it’s destination over time. This is just like you with your health & wellness game. One degree of change can put you off course… For … Continued

Stop Working So Hard If You Want to Lose Weight

Yes, I know that sounds counterproductive, but honestly, you may just be causing hormone imbalances by over stimulating the para-sympathetic nervous system. Your body may be holding onto every ounce of fat because it thinks it’s in a crisis situation and you may need that fat to fight a sabre tooth tiger. We all know … Continued