How to Do Scary Things – Even in Menopause

Why should you do something scary? Because as you age, it gets easier to sit things out and then you miss out on fun! Novel activities enhance performance of your aging brain which will keep you young. So, how can you SAFELY do something scary? Here are a few tips: Get support – don’t … Continued

Where Did 61 Years Go?

Ever wonder where the years go? Presently, I couldn’t be happier with life, even though it turned out differently than I anticipated. If I were to offer any advice, it’s to ‘put on your own oxygen mask first’, self care is more important than you may give it credit. I’ve always prioritized my health and … Continued

Genetics & Aging

Genetics? There’s both good & bad news… Genetics has only a small impact on longevity, according to a new study involving more than 400 million people: Longevity is mostly decided by lifestyle, with less than 10% down to DNA. So it doesn’t matter much if you’ve been dealt a rough hand or a winning … Continued

FORGET Motivation & Take This Approach with Your Habits

Don’t wait for motivation, because even if or when you feel motivated, it won’t last. That’s why creating a HABIT is the answer to GET THINGS DONE. Especially when you don’t ‘feel’ like doing the thing. Just create a habit to DO THE THING and rinse & repeat… I know that creating and consistently implementing … Continued

Why You Should Do Things You Don’t Want to Do

Want more willpower? Do hard things… The anterior mid-cingulate cortex (aMCC) in your brain is activated when you do things that you don’t really want to do… So, the harder things you do, the harder things you CAN do over time. It’s like building a muscle. Activation of the aMCC is ELEVATED with more … Continued

What to Do When Your Life is Out of Control in Menopause

Does your life feel out of control? There seem to be seasons where it’s just ONE thing after another! Menopause tends to be one of those seasons :/ CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN. Taking charge of your nutrition will provide some grounding. Choices don’t need to be perfect. Prioritizing protein, adding fiber, drinking lots of water … Continued

Lost Motivation? Do THIS

Motivation is fickle… If you’re motivated, run with it, enjoy it. But also know that it won’t last. And when it’s running low, there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. Lack of motivation happens to even the MOST successful people in all walks of life. The secret to their continued success is to TAKE ACTION, even when … Continued

Want to Look & Feel Younger in Menopause?

Stop looking for a single ‘magic bullet’. Healthy habits are force multipliers. No SINGLE habit will… get you to your ideal weight keep your bones & muscles strong provide clearer thinking bring joy bring longevity with quality of life Put small habits together & you’ve got the recipe for the fountain of youth. Happy to … Continued

Motivation & Menopause

You’re not alone if you don’t feel like working out. But DO NOT WAIT FOR MOTIVATION. Just START. Do your warm up and if there’s no gas in the tank, pack it in for another day. Maybe your body needs a bit more rest and you can try again tomorrow. But, more often than not, … Continued

Don’t Compare Yourself to THIS Person

Comparison is the killer of joy… This applies to comparing yourself to your FORMER self and what you: used to be able to do how you used to look what size you used to be Understand that life changes you. So give yourself a little GRACE. Be the best person you can be TODAY and … Continued