Woman Interrupted? What to Do When Your Schedule Goes A Muck

Has your schedule ever been thrown in the blender? What do you do?

Stress is the enemy and will pack on the belly fat, so make sure that you keep things in perspective, if for no other reason than for the vanity of maintaining a flat belly! 

Here’s what I do when my schedule goes bump:

1. Decide what’s non-negotiable…This helps to let go of every detail. For example, my house is a bit disastrous due to construction currently, but I’ve decided not to stress about the mess. Instead, I’m going to prioritize my sleep, my nutrition and short workouts. This is because I know I can function best when my body is rested, nourished and I’ve been able to get some sweat on.

2. Be willing to modify the non-negotiable…I know that I can’t have everything ‘just so’, even the things that I’d really like to control, so I’ve chosen to just do my best under the circumstances.

Most times when we try to do our best, especially where our health is concerned, it will be ‘good enough’ during those crazy times. It’s when we throw in the towel and don’t make an effort that things get out of hand.

3. Ask for support….People like to help so ask them! I’m a work in progress where this is concerned. (I like to provide it more than ask for it). Women are the best at giving a hand to each other.

As amazing support system is already in place – Make sure to check out my free Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Healthysecrets/

Feel free to ask for help, vent, and/or support others on that page, it’s full of women just like us!  (And make sure to invite your friends to the page as well.)

PS. If you need some quick and dirty workouts to do when your schedule is jacked up, click here.