One Degree of Change

Don’t try to make too many changes too quickly.

Drastic changes typically don’t work. People end up giving up when results don’t come fast enough.


Focus on 1 degree of change.

Think of a cruise ship. If you were to take that massive cruise ship and adjust it’s course by just 1 degree, you probably won’t notice any change at first.

Even after a mile you might not even notice it.

But in time, something powerful happens.

Over time, the farther that ship travels, the more significant that 1 degree of change becomes.

Or consider of pot of hot water. At 211 degrees, it’s simply hot water, but at 212 degrees it boils. One degree of change completely changes water into steam.

Same goes with your lifestyle.

Making a small change will be easy to stick with, you won’t notice it much at first, but over time that change will take you a long way. And you’ll be ready to make other SMALL degrees of change that will ultimately change the course of your life.

And it all starts with 1 simple degree shift.

So remember that next time you have a big goal…just make a simple 1 degree shift for massive long term change.

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