Tips for Finding Love After 40?

Are you a card carrying member of the lonely hearts club?

I was too. Here’s how I found love after 40 (actually after 50)…

I didn’t ‘date’ for 10 years after my divorce, I wasn’t interested in online dating and I wanted time to be the best version of myself. This probably didn’t need to take 10 years! But like many, I was just resistant to ‘get back out there’.

I was convinced to try Match and here were my ‘rules of dating’:

  1. Make it a fun ‘job’
  2. Commit to ONE date a week
  3. Wear a ‘dating uniform’ (so you don’t have to think about what to wear)
  4. Manage expectations (every date will NOT be prince charming)
  5. Keep the date short
  6. Make the date in a public place
  7. Have someone track my location on your phone so you felt safe
  8. Be yourself
  9. Be unapologetic about your boundaries
  10. Stay positive


I had only one ‘questionable’ date with a fella that immediately showed me the AX he was buying, right after telling me that women shouldn’t do sports, except maybe tennis. This was obviously NOT a love connection.

I met ‘nice people’, just not my person.

This had NOTHING to do with my worth as a person. I needed to be patient and trust the process. I’m a nice person, there must be a nice person out there and it only takes ONE.

And then, I had a date with a handsome, sporty, articulate, funny man who raised a daughter and loves cooking and meal prep and loves dogs.

So far it’s been 2.5 years of fun and adventure.

If I can find love after 50, so can you.

One thing that helps is feeling good in your own skin, I can definitely help you to that end.

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