The Difference Between Weight Loss & FAT Loss in Menopause

Anyone can lose weight on the scale.

By doing a ton of cardio, eating low protein & low calories you can:

  • lose water
  • lose muscle
  • lose bone density
  • ‘possibly’ lose fat

Ta da! See a lower the number on the scale! But not necessarily fat loss…

This is DIFFERENT from fat loss which through strength training, eating more protein in a MODEST calorie deficit you can:

  • lose inches
  • see aesthetic changes in pictures
  • ‘possibly’ see weight on the scale reduced

The number on the scale is only ONE way to measure progress & not even the best one.

Try to NEUTRALIZE the number on the scale if FAT LOSS is your goal.

This can be very difficult on your own – that’s why I’m here!

Happy to have a conversation to show YOU how you can lose fat to become the healthiest version of you: