Rules to Successful Aging

Age is simply a number. It’s never too late to try something new or to keep doing what you love. The moment you go sit on the couch is when the fun stops. If you need help feeling like your ‘old self’, I gotchu! Let’s talk:

Menopause Blues?

Hormonal changes in menopause can cause mood fluctuations. Consider your moods a little like the weather. Some days are sunnier than others. When clouds (wind, rain, hail, snow!) come, just let them pass without too much despair. Remember that blue sky & sunshine will return again. In the meantime, these things may help improve your … Continued

It’s Never Too Late to Start

I’m late to the game… . I started Olympic weightlifting in my late 50’s… . I had hip replacement surgery just after I started (Olympic lifting was NOT the cause of my ole lady hip)… . My coach helped me rehab & get back at it… . I’m lifting similar weights pain-free now… . Yes, … Continued

Give up Hoping

Stop hoping to lose weight. Optimism is fine, but it’s ACTION that’s needed. Don’t think too far ahead, just stay on track: One day One meal One snack One workout at a time… You can do it, I can help, let’s talk:

One Word Will Make Your Healthier Part 2

You can’t do the same things & expect different results. That’s why saying “yes” to new things is important. It will feel uncomfortable at first. But change often feels uncomfortable. And you never know what results will come unless you try. Are you trying anything new these days? Happy to help you get started. Let’s … Continued

ONE Word Can Improve Your Health

This ONE word can improve your health. “No” You don’t always have to say “No” but sometimes you have to if you want to stay true to your goals. Look, either you’re going to feel uncomfortable to well meaning people tempting you to veer off your health path, or they will. People that respect you … Continued

Favorite Weekend Day Trip

What’s YOUR favourite thing to do on the weekend? Getting outside in nature does it for us. Luckily we are less than an hour away from the Rocky Mountains. Whether it’s a hike, skiing, kayaking or paddle boarding, we always feel refreshed after a day outside. Sometimes we just stay in the city & walk … Continued

The ‘Compound Effect’ of Small Actions

Consider the ‘compound effect’ of small actions. Walking 15 min per day could add up to almost 25000 calories burned in a year. This is the easiest way to lose 6lbs or more (if nothing else changes). Or consider sleep… Going to bed 10 min earlier at night could add up to 70 extra minutes … Continued

How to Build Confidence

Make a tiny promise. Keep that promise. Make a promise about… -food choices -bedtimes -getting a workout in -turning off your device -any healthy habit Keeping that promise builds confidence.

 More confidence leads to motivation to do more. Overtime, you get better & better at making those healthy choices. It all starts with making & … Continued

It’s Not Too Late

I started lots of things in my 50’s. -Olympic weightlifting -Crossfit & gymnastic skills -Hiking -Kayaking -Paddleboarding -I found my Love I’ve had setbacks. But if I can make changes & live my best life in my 50’s, so can you. Today I am 59. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re ‘too old’ or … Continued