How NOT To Be Depressed & Miserable

STOP doing some of these things & over time you’ll feel MUCH better.   You’ll: Be more fit Lose weight Have more energy Be more interesting Feel more rested Have more confidence Be more passionate about life Changing habits takes time, support & strategies to replace old behaviours with new ones. Lemme help, let’s talk: … Continued

Emotional Eater?

Are you eating your emotions? Do you even know how to tell? Ask yourself: Am I HUNGRY? (Then EAT!) Am I ANGRY? Am I LONELY? Am I TIRED? Am I STRESSED? If you’re anything but hungry, find another way to deal with the feelings. Making a list of options other than eating when you’re feeling … Continued

How to Get Back on Track

It’s just one meal at a time… There’s no real catastrophic failure if you mess up. And if (or WHEN) you mess up, FAIL SMALL. There’s always the next meal or snack to get back on track. You can do it! I can help, let’s talk:

Easy or Hard Decisions for an Easy Life?

What decisions are you making? Easy decisions lead to a hard life…And hard decisions tend to lead to an easy life. Take a look at nutrition for example. If you’re making the easy decision to have: —processed foods -excessive sugar -excessive alcohol -sedentary lifestyle You’re going to experience health issues & have a harder life … Continued

Motivation for Starting Out

Feeling frustrated? I get it. Anytime you start something new, it will feel like pushing a boulder uphill. But things get easier, I promise. Set teeny tiny goals. Celebrate every win. The only way you can lose is if you quit. Keep going, you got this! Lemme help, start here:

STOP Working Out!

Here’s a PSA to stubborn people (like myself). If you’re experiencing a time of high stress, your body will thank you for taking a break from HARD training. While exercise can be a great stress reliever, it can also tax your already over stressed body to the point of diminishing returns. You may not recover … Continued

Weight Loss Press Conference

Are you counting non-scale victories? Weight loss isn’t linear & no weight loss can do a number on your head if you’re only using it as a measure of success. Weight loss will happen if you’re patient & when you focus on checking off these boxes… Consistent healthy nutrition in a calorie deficit Quality foods … Continued

WORST Diet Mistake

  Weight loss starts from the neck up. Get your mindset right & it all becomes easier. Accept that you’ll mess up from time to time & offer yourself grace. Change your identity to the person who eats healthy food & has an active lifestyle rather than the chronic dieter who never succeeds. Get back … Continued

4 Steps to Bikini Ready

If the thought of a bathing suit scares the living daylights outta you, here are 4 things to do NOW to look & feel better soon. But WAIT! The number ONE thing NOT to do is start a fad diet! This will only backfire with rebound weight gain. Here you go: 1. Reduce or cut … Continued

The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

Want the secret to permanently dropping that dress size? I’ve got it for you… This is important to know, especially if you’re battling with menopause hormones. Are you ready? –>There’s actually NO secret<– Wait, what? There’s no ONE secret to losing your menopause belly, magically dropping, keeping the weight off… Instead, it’s a series of … Continued