A Little Push – Especially in Menopause

So I did a thing…

I wasn’t ready, but who is ever ready to do something scary?

As you may know by now, I had my left hip replaced in February of this year (and my right hip replaced the previous year).

I’ve been working my way back to full functionality, including getting in the pool with my small swim team.

As it turned out, the Canadian Masters Championships were being held in my home town last weekend. Originally, before surgery, I had planned on entering, then surgery hit and I was on the fence.

I haven’t been up to ‘full speed’, so why bother?

But then again, what did I have to lose but my pride?

So I entered the event, a little under prepared, but who really cares? I figured as long as I didn’t DQ or drown, then I’d do a personal best since it’s been 40 years since swimming in a competition.

I asked myself, why wait?

I managed to place 5th in the 50m butterfly (38 sec), 6th in the 100m freestyle (1:17). This was a national event with 600+ participants aged 20-99, so I was pretty happy about my placing. In addition, I hit the goals set out by my coach (who set a WORLD record at this event!).

Are you waiting to ‘be ready’ to do something big?

What are you waiting for?

I can tell you, if you wait too long, you may just miss the opportunity.

If you need a little push to get you started, I can help. Let’s talk!

You can set up a call here and we can discuss how you can move ahead with whatever you big goal is…

Be brave, you’ve got this!

It’s time to take action on your goals before it’s too late.

Remember you’ll never really ‘feel’ ready so you may as well just GO for it.