Why You Need to Lift Heavy Weights

Want to age well?

Lift as ‘heavy’ as you can.

Lifting ‘heavy’ is the foundation of youth. It will:

  • Strengthen muscles so you can carry your groceries or grandkids and do all that you love.
  • Help manage your weight because increased muscle results in overall increased calorie burn.
  • Strengthen bones – so a fall won’t result in a broken bone.
  • Increase feelings of independence and well-being – physical strength transfers to mental strength.

Drop the ‘light weight many rep’ mentality. While light weights can help, lifting heavier weight will help more.

Remember ‘heavy’ is relative to YOU – lift in the range of 6-8 challenging reps with perfect form for some of your sets.

I promise you won’t become big or bulky lifting heavy weights.

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