VIP Success Stories

Take a look at some of the results from my Challenge Workouts VIP Coaching Crew. This was a 90 day program that went through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years – the time of year when most people GAIN weight. If you want to get serious about your fitness and get in the best shape … Continued

Count Down to 2015…

How will you finish off 2014? Would you say that you’re living a healthy lifestyle? Is there room for improvement? January 1st is the time most people make resolutions, what do you have planned? While everyone else is making grand promises that won’t last longer than the New Year’s Eve hangover, why not set yourself … Continued

Can I Have Your Opinion?

It looks like someone is pretty passionate about the jump rope…. One of the questions I often get regarding jumping rope is ‘how long should my rope be?’. So I made this video geared for those starting out jumping rope. Get a load of the comment “Hypercube1729” posted on this You Tube video I made … Continued

Prep for Success

  What’s your weekend routine? Do you do anything special to re-charge yourself? Everyone has a ‘busy’ life, right? Sometimes we get so busy ‘doing’ life, that we forget to ‘live’ it. Hopefully, at least one day a week you can slow down. For me, I love Sunday’s. One of the reasons is that I … Continued

A Personal Challenge

You know I’m all about ‘challenges‘: burpee challenges. pushup challenges. pull up challenges…etc. Challenges are everywhere. I think challenges are a great way to get you out of your fitness rut. But there are always challenges that have nothing to do with fitness… Our reaction to dealing with these challenges show us who we really … Continued

I Wish I Were My Dog

I can only aspire to be a dog. Particularly my dog, Sev. Let me explain. Sev came from humble beginnings. He was likely an ‘oops’ dog. A member of a litter among many litters on the Native Reserve close to Calgary. I’m sure he was homeless and living in a ditch for the better part … Continued

It’s a Wrap

All I can say is ‘thank you’! After my appearance on last night’s episode of “Gym Rescue” I’ve been absolutely flooded with congratulations and kudos from lots of you. In case you missed it, I was asked by Spike TV to show off my “Body Transformation Expert” skills and come in and teach the most … Continued

Will You Say ‘YES’?

A bad sign (literally) wouldn’t you say? ====> It looked not very promising for us… This was the first thing we saw before even beginning the Via Ferrata at Mt Norquay this past Saturday. I had the good (bad?) fortune of attempting this adventure with three other adventurous women. I felt it a good sign … Continued

I’m a Big Dreamer – Are YOU?

This blog post is a little unorthodox. I don’t have a new training protocol for you. I don’t have  a nutrition break-through or a recipe. This really isn’t related to fitness, but I have a strong message for you. You see, I’m a little overwhelmed with YOU and I want you to know why…. First … Continued

A Tijuana Adventure

What were we thinking? It sounded like a good idea at the time (as all disasters or near disasters may seem at the out set). I need to clarify that I wouldn’t say this was a complete disaster or anything by any stretch, but I will say that my heart pounded as if I were … Continued