The Need of Stomach Fat Loss is Increasing

In today’s world most of the working professionals are facing a lot of common problems, a lot of stress, competition, hours in front of the computer, constantly changing schedules and increasing stomach fat. All these signs can be dangerous in the long run and in order to ensure that you do not fall prey to … Continued

The Necessity of Workouts for Women Over 40

Many women tend to develop an apple shaped figure with an increased hip, pelvic and abdominal girth as they age. This can be really concerning for health reasons and for aesthetic reasons too. The trend has become all the more prominent with the sedentary lifestyle of many women and hence women over 40 workouts have … Continued

Maintaining a Fit Body with Effective Home Workouts

Home workouts have become a necessity these days, especially with the increasingly busy schedules at work and poor eating habits. It’s best to be proactive to avoid becoming overweight if you are of a healthy weight now. Don’t be fooled when the magazines and media that advocates expensive machines or weight loss equipment, you actually … Continued

An Easy to Adopt Belly Fat Burning Workout

The biggest excuse that most people have for their increasing belly fat is “no time” to exercise. Well, you might be a very busy person but taking time for your health is a must. Even if you can spare a few minutes every day you can adopt an efficient belly fat burning workout. One of … Continued

A Few Great Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

A lot of people often wonder about exercises that can help them to get rid of their belly fat. While most think that it is only the most intense heavy weights that work well, the truth is a somewhat different. There are a lot of fat burning cardio workouts that can be easy to follow … Continued

Female Fat Loss Over 40 (more cardio options)

Female fat loss over 40 can be a challenge for even those ladies not in their 40’s. It’s never too soon or too late to get started with a fitness plan. My favourite cardio options include short intense bursts rather than lower intensity lengthy sessions. Check out the video linked to this post for some … Continued

A Systematic Fat Burning Workout Routine

You might see that some people spend hours in the gym but are not able to get the desired results. Then there are others who can attain a great physique with very little time exercising. The biggest difference between them is the intensity with which they train. As well, results can be obtained with an … Continued

Female Fat Loss Over Forty (cardio options)

Female fat loss over forty is a challenge for many. One of the misconceptions of fat loss is that long, low intensity cardio is a necessity. This is the farthest from the truth. Studies show that those that engage in short intense bursts of high intensity interval training lose more fat than those that engage … Continued

Female Fat Loss Workout (the butt)

Here’s a female fat loss workout that you’re sure to enjoy. It targets the most trouble some area for women: the lower body and specifically the butt. Many women are afraid to do squats and lunges for two reasons. The first is that they fear that it will do damage to their knees. If you … Continued

Female Fat Loss Workouts (the obliques)

Are you interested in female fat loss workouts? And losing that muffin top? You’ll want to include some HIIT. That stands for high intensity interval training. This is when you get your heart rate elevated to close to your maximum rate and then bring it down to a lower level. Rather than sustaining a moderate … Continued

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