Santa Monica Mover

California is a great place. I took my daughter and son and planned on hitting the beaches for a little fun. Now, since it was December, we knew that it wouldn’t be bikini weather, but  we left –20C, so anything above +10C would be a welcome change.

We were surprised and disappointed to find that Cali can get pretty wet in December. Unlucky for us, we experienced record rain fall while we were there.

But that only dampened our spirits a little, we were determined to hit the beach…not exactly what we had in mind, but we got there!

santa monica beach me

With all the rain, I had some time to train while the kids slept in a little.

Hey, ever go to a gym while you’re traveling and find only cardio equipment? This is pretty typical for hotels. No worries!


Here’s a great circuit that you can do with just your body weight and you’ll hit all the major muscle groups.

When I did this workout, I did 40 seconds of exercise one, 30 seconds of exercise two and then 20 seconds of exercise three in each series (40 sec/30 sec/20 sec). Then I moved directly to the next mini circuit. If you don’t have a stop watch, do 30/20/10 reps of each exercise instead. I did the whole workout three times for a killer full body workout. Check out the video, and the written workout to follow:

Set 1

Push up

Spider crawl

Mountain climber

Set 2

Reverse lunge weak

Lunge slide weak

Squat jump

Set 3

Reverse lunge strong

Lunge slide strong

Squat jump

Set 4

Pull up on treadmill (or wall stick ups if you don’t have the treadmill or anything to hang on)


Lateral lunge

Repeat circuit 3 times

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