Challenge Yourself!

Do you do the same workout day in and day out? Are you happy with your physique?

You need to constantly shake up your routine and challenge your body with new and different workouts. If you do the same thing all the time, you’re going to maintain your fitness level and probably always look the same. This isn’t a bad thing…if you feel like you’ve ‘arrived’ and can’t improve anymore.

For the rest of us, those of us that want to look better in our jeans, we need to challenge ourselves.

In this video, I decided to add a challenge to my workouts. I once did an eight event contest a few years back that involved pull ups. I didn’t change up my training too much for this event, but I did learn how to do kipping pull ups and practiced those a bit before the event. It dawned on me to try to improve the score I got back then: 7 years ago.

So you’ll see in the video that I not only got the same number of pull ups, but I improved the score by three.

I tell this to you, not to brag, but to say that the excuse ‘I’m too old’ just doesn’t fly with me. With consistent training, there’s no need for the drastic decline in physique and performance.

Aaand, the actual number of pull ups I do is irrelevant. It’s the point that I set out to challenge myself and I followed through with it. I’m going to continue this challenge until I beat the number of pull ups in the video.

My point to you is this: CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

And don’t make it an easy one. Set the bar at a reasonably high level so that it’s gonna hurt a little to get there. It keeps your training fresh and the results coming. And tell people about your challenge so that your friends and family hold you accountable.

Take a look at my challenge here:

If you need a challenge, how about just doing consistent fat burning workouts? You’ll constantly be challenged and supported.


What sort of challenge are you up for? 10 comments and I’ll give you the date that I plan on reaching my challenge goal of 45 pull ups.